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Get to Know Moto F.A.M

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Our dear friends Moto F.A.M have been helping people recover from life altering accidents for almost 2 years. It seems like yesterday Mitch was sitting in front of us talking about her dream to do more good in the moto community. To see her and the ladies rally behind people who need support (emotional too) is a beautiful thing to watch. Last year the attendees of Babes Ride Out 3 were able to raise $5,000 for the charity through raffle ticket sales so we are thrilled to see what we can all collectively raise this year at Babes Ride Out 4. Raffle tickets are just $1 a piece and you can honestly know those funds are going to help people and also provide onsite medical for all attendees. As the ladies say "its good karma". Get to know more about the charity from Mitch and make sure to swing by their booth to see the incredible prizes and pick up some tix. 

March 2015 Moto FAM became an official 501c3 with the intent to help riders after a serious, life interrupting accident. It was created by 5 friends/riding buddies. The idea is to work together with the motorcycle community to offer financial and emotional support to these riders and their families. As soon as someone contacts Moto FAM to request help, we determine if the rider meets our 3 strict guidelines. Riders that qualify for funding must have a valid license or permit to operate a motorcycle, must not have been under the influence, or riding in a way that would be considered "grossly negligent". Once we get confirmation of these 3 things we donate to the Gofundme campaign set up for the intended rider. Thanks to social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and our website we help gain exposure to the riders campaigns, with the hope that our supports or fellow riders might also donate. 
A serious accident can instantly change a person's life. Not just because their bike is "totaled" or because medical bills are now piling up. Our primary focus is with the fact everyday expenses don't stop while these people can't work. There's still a mortgage or rent to pay. Food and living expenses, car payments, pets or families to take care of. These are the burdens we want to help with. 

In a little over a year we have been fortunate enough to help over 60 riders and their families. We would have never been able to do this without the generosity of literally HUNDREDS of companies and individual people supporting our cause. It's truly been a combined effort of the motorcycle community. As Moto FAM grows we hope to expand in the areas we help in. We want to help all riders that have been through, or are going through their recovery, to be able to share their story. Connect riders with similar experiences, so they can bounce questions or concerns off each other. 

Moto F. A. M. stands for Fundraising & Awareness Movement. Since its completely run by volunteers we hope to grow slowly and organically, working off the principle of integrity and keeping the mission of putting these riders needs FIRST. We hope to be the voice for riders in need as well as create awareness on prevention. We are truly humbled by everyone that's played a part in this adventure. A few months back one of our "day one" supporters (Lucky Dave) offered us some inspiring words that we have held onto..."don't do nothing because you can't do everything". We know we can't fix everything when it comes to the hardship these riders experience, but we certainly will do what we can. #itsgoodkarma ❤️