Babes Ride Out

The Velveteers to Play Babes Ride Out 4

PeopleAnya Violet

It wouldn't be BRO without killer entertainment. First up on the stage on Friday night is the Velveteers. The rock and roll duo is fairly new, but their sound is distinct—it’s loud, always on the edge of becoming uncontained, but that’s just good rock and roll right? The Velveteers go on Friday night at 8 pm and you won't want to miss it! 


BIO: The Velveteers are an American Rock outfit that is the epiphany of punk with the aggressive sound and grungy wisdom that transcends through the Siren like power of Demi Demitro's (front women/lead guitar) voice. Through the distorted guitar riffs and thunderous drums they lure their audience with vibes that come right out of a classic horror flick.

Instagram: @TheVelveteers

Twitter: @TheVelveteers