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Meet Speakeasy Original | Friend of BRO & Amazing Artist

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It's more than just the ladies that help make Babes Ride Out an amazing event. We have incredible artist, makers, and business owners reach out to contribute to what we are doing all the time and we are forever grateful for their time and energy. Meet Jonathan Clingenpeel of Speakeasy Original . He's been riding for 20+years and crafting handmade jewelry for over 6 in Orange County, CA. Jonathan is making a custom piece for the Babes Ride Out 4 raffle ran by Moto F.A.M so make sure to bring ya scruples, all funds raised will go towards onsite medical at the event and to Moto F.A.M! 


IG- @speakeasyoriginal

I've been designing and casting jewelry for 6 years now.  I have a design background of 20 years and wanted to learn something new.  Pouring metal seemed like a good idea for a new design outlet and I'd get to make cool shit! The best part about owning and operating Speakeasy Original is meeting so many good people!  The feeling of making something for someone that can be passed down for generations makes it all worth it. Owning a business, it has it's ups and downs.  It definitely ain't easy, but if it was, everyone would be doing it.  We're different than some companies out there, because we do everything from concept to casting to delivery.  We don't just make pretty pictures and design cool shit, we get our hands dirty too. Hardest part is making time and getting to do everything we want to do.

I'm stealing this but my goals with Speakeasy is: 

1.  Keep making cool shit and grow the business

2.  Have fun doing it

3.  Make enough money to pay for 1 and 2

I'm inspired by everyday life and our customers, but mostly Hot rods, bikes, art, technology, antiques, guns, nature, whatever it may be, it's all around us, just gotta keep our eyes open as well as our minds. We know there are a lot of good artists out there and we are appreciative for every supporter we have and every chance we get to create something for someone.  

Work hard, stay humble, and play harder! - Jonathan Clingenpeel