Babes Ride Out

WARGIRL to Play Babes Ride Out 4

PeopleAnya Violet

One might experience WARGIRL as a sort of time portal to a 70’s music festival where War, The Upsetters, Fela Kuti and maybe Black Sabbath became one damn sexy, revolutionary band with Latin and surf rock sensibilities. Sometimes subversive lyrics are counterpointed against groovy, danceable rhythms that become a hip-swaying affair, couched in a rainbow of musical flavors and colors touching on psyche rock, afrobeat, reggae, and good old fashioned garage rock.

Musically, WARGIRL is made mostly of crazy talented ladies approaching music in a unique kind of way. Artist Marika Dahlin handles lead vocals and Long Beach’s motorcycle riding Tamara Raye is on bass. Enya Preston plays organ and keys, and then it’s a 3 piece rhythm section with Erick Nieto and Charis Ashcraft on percussion and Jeff Suri on drums. The music is produced by Matt Wignall, who plays guitar for the band and is best known for producing the best loved, early Cold War Kids tracks.