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Meet Christina Platis! Christina will be hand painting a Biltwell Helmet for this years Artist Series Raffle at Babes Ride Out 4!


Where are you from originally?

I was born and raised in sunny Encintas, CA.

How long have you lived in where you live now?

I moved to Long Beach, CA in 2005 to attend Long Beach State.  

Tell us how you became and artist?

I've been making art my whole life, but I became a professional artist when I graduated college in 2011. I remember recreating all of the photos in Skateboarding and Thrasher magazine when I was a kid. They were horrible, but I loved doing it. Art has always been my main focus. 

How would you describe your art?

I tattoo for a living, so I would say my work is inspired by American traditional tattooing. 

Do you have a favorite medium or materials you like to use?

Tattoos are always number one, but when I create other works, my go-to is watercolor paint.  I also enjoy pen and ink on paper and 1shot on almost any medium.

What inspires you?

Becoming a better artist is what inspires me the most. Every day I create new work is just another step towards understanding how to use different mediums. I like to switch it up a lot, keeps things interesting.

When were you introduced to Motorcycles?

My interest in motorcycles sparked years ago when more of my friends started riding. I got my first motorcycle, a 1980 KZ750, in 2014. 

How do motorcycles and the community play a role in your life?

The community of riders, specifically Babes Ride Out, has become one huge friends circle, which I think is pretty rad.

What kind of bike do you ride and why?

I'm currently riding a custom Suzuki LS650, aka THE SAVAGE!  I bought it last year when my 750 broke down and I needed something to ride. Its a fun little single-cylinder bike.

Dream bike?

One day I hope to build up an old Triumph Bonneville.

Best moto trip you have ever been on?

Babes Ride Out 2 because it was the first time I rode with that many people, and because I didn't think my Kawasaki would make it, but I rode it to Joshua Tree and back with no problems.

What are your goals as an artist?

Make art (tattoos), meet new artists, travel the world!

What did you create for the Babes Ride Out Raffle this year?

I hand painted a Biltwell Gringo S helmet, which I'm really excited to have go to a new home.

How did you first hear about Babes Ride Out?

I was asked to go the first year, but wasn't able to attend.  At that point I wasn't riding, so I made it my goal to start riding by the second year.  

What was your experience at the events ?

The events are always so much fun! Last year I almost got my eye gouged out of my face while riding (not really, but I did end up in the hospital).  I was supposed to tattoo all weekend, but that was cut short by the injury.  At lesat I got a good story out of it.  I'll be tattooing this year and making up for lost time, so come say hi!