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Lucky Wheels Garage Says Do-It-Yourself

DIY TipsAnya Violet

We here at Babes Ride Out find ourselves using the phrase “Do it Yourself” A LOT! Set up your own tent, pack up your own bike, check your own tire pressure, change your own oil blah blah blah. To each their own and doing it yourself has to be learned over time. Learning about your bike only makes you a better motorcyclist! Being self sufficient in general is a really great feeling and we encourage all of our attendees to “Do it Yourself” whenever possible but also know when you cannot or should not do it yourself! Safety first!

The good guys over at Lucky Wheels Garage know a thing or two about doing it yourself and we are excited to have Lucky Wheels Garage involved in this years event! Get to know a bit about the shop and what they have in the works for the event this year!

What Is Lucky Wheels Garage?

Lucky Wheels is a community-based do-it-yourself motorcycle shop in downtown LA. The shop acts as both a workspace as well as a gathering point for motorcyclists in LA. We provide the space, tools, lifts, parts, and know-how for members to maintain, customize, repair, and learn about their bikes.

How did it start?

We came up with the idea about two years ago. At the time we were working as lighting technicians in LA and Austin, TX, respectively. In Austin, Jackson was running a sort of unofficial version of a DIY shop (basically a bunch of buddies chipping in for rent on a warehouse space) and Ty and Cam were living in a warehouse in downtown working on bikes and naturally a bunch of friends worked on theirs at the spot as well. We were all working on a movie in New Mexico together and decided it was time to do it for real. A year later we opened Lucky Wheels and have been happily wrenchin’ with the community ever since.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into motorcycles?


After dating a girl who rode a CB175, Jackson realized what an economical and fun way motorcycles were to get around town. “I bought a 1974 CL125 and started working on it just to keep it going. That grew into a passion for wrenching in general.” Now that’s evolved into developing those mechanical skills at a more professional level. Jack rides a custom sportster we built at the shop as well as an ever-increasingly rare and challenging ATK 605 Super Moto.


Growing up in southeast Texas, dirtbikes and quads were a part of the culture. We used to ride 4-wheelers through the woods and drag each other on skateboard decks through the mud. Most people in the neighborhood had a dirtbike, quad, or two in the garage so it was just something that was around a lot. Meeting Jackson in Austin really sparked what became the obsession over motorcycles for Ty. Jack talked me into buying a 1976 CB550 which I rode to California, and that acted as a crash course in motorcycle mechanics. Now Ty focuses on the fabrication aspect of bikes, teaching welding lessons at the shop and doing custom fab projects. Ty rides a KTM 500EXC and is building a ‘72 Shovelhead chopper at Lucky Wheels.

What classes and services do you offer currently?

Each month we offer a rotating variety of classes (usually one or two per month). We do oil change workshops, tire changing classes, chain/sprocket maintenance, brakes, etc. We also offer hourly welding lessons in the fab shop (taught by Ty) as well as hourly 1-on-1 help with your projects.

Tell us why it is so important to DO IT YOURSELF?

We feel it’s important to know your bike as best you can at the comfort level that works for each rider. From a safety aspect it is important to at least know how to check your own tire pressure, chain tension, brake pads, etc. Preparing for a ride is much easier with some basic DIY skills and will put your mind at ease knowing that your bike is in safe working order. Additionally, DIY is fun! Learning how to perform basic maintenance can be intimidating, but it isn’t that hard and will save you money and develop your skillset.

What made you want to get involved with Babes Ride Out?

When we heard about BRO, we just thought it was such a rad idea. What’s cooler than a bunch of ladies from all over the country riding out to camp and celebrate their love of motorcycles? We are super stoked to be involved and hope to bring some of the LW DIY attitude to the ladies in attendance.

What do you have in store for the event this year?

The Lucky Wheels shop van (The Green Bean) will be at Babes with a full set of tools and supplies for y’all to perform any little repairs necessary at the campsite. We know that even on a nice new bike, sometimes it’s necessary to twist a wrench, especially after a long ride. Be sure and stop by the van to grab some free LW swag and tighten up that rattly ass sissy bar that shook loose during the ride out.

Who will be leading the ride from Lucky Wheels Garage?

East Side Moto Babes will be leading a ride from the shop, see all the details HERE

Also, Lucky Wheels is throwing a campout !!! Join in the fun 10/1 all info HERE