Babes Ride Out

Artist Series | Sal Trevino

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Meet Sal Trevino! Sal is creating a 1 of a kind, hand painted Biltwell Helmet for this years raffle at Babes Ride Out 4!

Where are you originally from?:  

I was born and raised in Los Angeles California, ive lived here on and off since then. I've lived just about everywhere in the the United States and abroad.

How long have you lived in where you live now? : 

I've lived here in Los Angeles since moving back from Dallas Texas in October 2015. I've lived in Dallas for the last 3 years tattooing at saints and sinners in the city of Carrollton, a suburb of Dallas. 

Tell us how you became an artist?:

As a kid in the 60's the bike and cartoon culture was big around my household. Rat fink, big daddy Roth was one of my favorite things to draw along with drawings of my hand. as I got older I started tattooing all my friends, then in 1978 I joined the Navy and continued tattooing while serving. When I got out in 1991 I went to work at Northrop installing hydraulic systems on the B2 bomber, but always gravitated back towards tattooing. Which is what I do now.

How would you describe your art?

My art is Chicano inspired growing up in the Mexican neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Do you have a favorite medium or materials you like to use?:

Depending on what kind of project I'm doing. My favorite is oil. But I do everything from oil, pen and ink, to charcoal.

What inspires you?

My wife, my kids other artist. As a younger tattoo I wasted so much time not doing the art that I loved,  just like every other kid I was just about the money. Now that I'm older everything around me pretty much inspires me. One thing that I tell the younger generation of tattooers is don't waistyour talent, draw, paint, create and inspire everyday. Working at True tattoo in Hollywood, I work with some of the businesses best artist, those guys inspire me

When were you introduced to motorcycles?

As a child I grew up around motorcycles, my first bike was a bell taco mini bike in 1966. And I was hooked. Since then I've had everything from a 1947 knuckle head to my current bike a 2016 soft tail deluxe.

How do motorcycles and the community play a roll in your life?

Motorcycles and the community play a huge part if not all for me. I don't drive, my only mode of transportation is my motorcycle. So motorcycles are my whole life. I've ridden on just about every continent in the world including Antarctica. 

What kind of bike do you ride and why?

I ride a 2016 Harley deluxe, I've had every kind of bike from a 1947 knuckle head to my deluxe.

Dream bike? 

My Harley deluxe. I'm too old to kick some project over just to ride to the store.

Best Moto trip you have ever been on? 

One day while sitting in a bar in Juarez Mexico friend of mine and I decided to ride to Cancun, well one thing led to another and rode or bikes to Valparaiso Chile. That was the best time I've ever had.

What are your goals as an artist?

To make an impact in the artist community, to teach my children the Beauty of all art.

What did you create to the babes ride out raffle this year?

I went with one of my favorite pieces to do, i did a dia de Los muertos skull along with roses.

How did you first hear about babes ride out?

My wife went to bro3 last year and was so enamored by the event that she asked me to create some kind of art piece for it