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Artist Series | Meet Jen Hallett Art of Orange CA

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Meet Jen Hallett! Jen has been painting for years and has done quite a bit of work (including Ashmore's Sporty Mercury lettering and stripes. Jen has hand painted this beautiful Biltwell helmet for this years raffle for Babes Ride Out 4 and what a freakin' beauty it is! If you want to win this helmet, bring your dollar bills to the Moto FAM booth and try your luck, win or lose, you are helping an amazing organization give back to fallen riders and aiding the onsite medical during the entire event.  

*Don't forget, if you see an artist you like,  you can always reach out and commission them to do some work on your moto, helmet, and even jackets. To get a hold of Jen, click HERE


"Hey, I'm Jen Hallett, a freelance artist based out of Orange, Ca.  Though we lived everywhere from San Diego to St. Louis growing up, I spent the majority of my younger years in Bellflower, Ca.  I've always had a passion for art, but feel like I really found my purpose when I discovered pinstriping around the age of twenty. I was working out of a restoration shop when they needed some really basic striping done on a truck so I picked up the brush and started trying to figure it out.  I haven't put the brush down since.  

Though I have picked up innumerable tips and tricks along the way, I am self taught.  I primarily work in the automotive field (bikes, cars, helmets, etc...) doing pinstriping, lettering, leafing and graphics, though I love the sign painting, design, and MOTO artcommissions I get just as much.  Most all my work is in urethane or enamel - House of Kolor or One Shot paints to be specific.  When I'm not painting I work at Coast Airbrush in Anaheim, Ca so I literally live and breathe the stuff!  I feel lucky to be immersed in the art world as I'm constantly picking up new tricks or being inspired by different images or elements.  There are so many talented artists out there and being able to always see new works and new styles keeps my right brain buzzing to create.  With each project I want to come up with something just a little bit different - as I'm sure we all do.  My goal in the next year or so is to draw more.  I'd love to get into the design side of things a little more, like logo or apparel artwork.  Not that I'm going to stop slingin the paint around.  I'd hate to end up with some sort of solvent deficiency! 

Anyway, I bought my first bike about 6 years ago.  It's a 1969 T100c Triumph and as painful as it is to admit, it is still not finished...  Hahaha   In my defense, though, I've worked basically 7 days a week for the past 7 years so extra time to work on it at my buddy's bike shop has been few and far between.  It's getting close, though, so maybe this is the year!  

The thing that really draws me to motorcycles is probably more the motorcycle community and how easy it is to get engulfed in it.  It seems like everyone I know or work with rides or knows someone who does or has been to the same bike shows or something.  It's a pretty rad thing and it just keeps growing.  Babes Ride Out is a perfect example.  If you would have said ten years ago that there would be this huge group of girls riding across the country (or traveling to different ones in some cases) to hang out together and support each other and talk bikes I think people may have laughed and told your drunk ass to go home.  But here is this amazing bike show put on entirely by ladies and if you have the means you have to check it out at least once.  

This year I was asked to paint a helmet for the raffle and I was stoked for the chance.  I am painting a Biltwell Gringo S helmet and it's called "Get Lost" - mainly because that's what it says on the front.  It's a desert scene cropped inside a compass to remind us all to get out and get lost once in a while.  It's good for your soul.  I hope you like it and I hope to see a lot of you out at Babes Ride Out this year in Joshua Tree! "