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Roll Call | Meet Ashley of Sailor Jerry

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My name is Ashley Wednesday and I’m the Brand Ambassador for Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum here in the West. Unless you know someone in the industry that’s usually followed by, “What does that mean?”

Basically it’s my job to educate, entertain and enhance the brand. I get to tell the story of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins and beyond being able to serve great drinks, I get to tell a truly authentic story. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was created to honor Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, a Navy Veteran and the undisputed father of old-school tattooing. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum embodies Norman Collins’ spirit, a man who was often quoted saying, “My work speaks for itself”.

A lot of people know that Sailor Jerry was a tattoo artist in Hawaii but did you know that at a young age Norman began hopping trains and travelling the back woods of the US tattooing people he met? Or that he had a Harley?! Norman Collins was a poet, a cruise boat captain, electrician and everything else in between. He had a love for life and doing things his way.

"If you don't think you have [salty term for male anatomy] enough to wear a tattoo, don't get one. But don't try to make excuses for yourself by knocking the fellow who does!" Signed, "Thank you...Sailor Jerry," this note was placed prominently in Jerry's Hotel Street shop and it gives you some idea of the attitude that he brought to his work. The same can be said for living life on two wheels. It’s not for everyone but it is for us. So let’s pay homage to the man, drink some Sailor Jerry this October and live life outside the lines.

What to expect from Sailor Jerry at BRO4

The Jerry Home Basewith the Aloha Oasis during the day and firepit at night

Friday & Saturday night SJ bar

Sunday morning Bloody Mary bar

$20 Tattoos 

Come by, drink some bold spiced rum and learn a little Norman Collins history! Follow my adventures on IG @theoriginalashe and check out