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by: Ben Gibson Photography

by: Ben Gibson Photography

Name: Ema Findley (Little Em)



Where are you from? Bear Face Industries Ltd

Where did the Bear Face originate and who founded it? Bear Face is a small, independent and family owned business cooked up by my partner (Jimmy), his brother (Matt) and I (the Bear Face Three) back in Brighton in the summer of 2013 and launched later that year at the London Tattoo Convention at the beautiful Tobacco Docks.

What is the Bear Face all about?

We design, create and produce a fantastic range of grooming and lifestyle products, all handmade in the UK, such as our Intensive Hair Treatment Oil and Fresh Bullet Face Spritz. Wherever possible we try to use locally sourced goods, services and producers that care about superior quality and attention to detail. We're passionate about natural ingredients – researching them, testing them and ultimately finding interesting ways to use and combine them to make high quality products that will actually do you some good without containing any of the usual artificial or toxic nasty stuff.

What’s new stuff do you guys have in the works?

Along with some sick new lifestyle bits and pieces, we have an awesome Salt texturizing Spray, Dry Shampoo, all natural of course. Plus a super top secret shampoo with a difference – watch this space!

What is your position there? Co-Founder and Director

What has been the hardest or best parts of your job?

The best part of my job without a doubt is the people I’ve met over the last three years. We get to meet people from other brands doing amazing things and working their socks off, awesome customers and followers, suppliers and collaborators, we really feel like a big family. I have forged friendships, which I know will last for a lifetime, and that has happened purely through Bear Face.

The hardest part of my job has to be the fact that my best friend and partner, and his brother – a big brother and friend to me, are my business partners. The amazing part of this is we make a killer team – but it does also mean we very rarely switch off from Bear Face business and that can be all consuming!

Tell us about the motorcycle connection and what riding means to the brand?

It’s about freedom and independence, plus that feeling of being part of a club. Bear Face has always strived to create this family/club-like feel and organically it has happened. Jimmy rode motorbikes as a kid, starting with a KX80 Scrambler and progressing to a beat up old DT250. It was all off road, green lane and bomb hole riding but he was hooked! Our direct link from Bear Face to moto’s is just starting/rekindling. We are in the midst of completing our tests (CBT’s done, direct access to go) and getting those first rides, but the interest and love of the machines, motorbike family and culture has always been there. The connection will grow with our own journeys and that’s exciting, as it had always seemed something we would never quite get to do, especially for myself. Groups like the Bike Shed MC and BRO have made us all feel welcome as newbies, which is extremely heartening.

Tell us about your life in motorcycling. How long have you been riding / favorite bike / what are you currently riding etc.:

I was a bit of a strange kid, perhaps born in the wrong era, but while all my girlfriends had posters of boy bands, my bedroom walls had three posters; Elvis, Bob Marley, and a big laminated photo of a beautiful classic red soft tail Heritage Harley. At around 14 I managed to find a job washing pots in a greasy spoon café that meant I could get a lift home on the owners Police HD Road King, the fact my dad had to drop me a few towns away to this job there every Saturday and I got hardly any money for a super hard day’s graft, didn’t matter of course! This was the moment I fell in love with classic bikes. Years passed and I had a brief spell working at a pizza joint in the hope they would pay for me to do my CBT so I could get my first bike, but to be honest I didn’t know any other girls who rode and no one in my family really could advise me on it either, so I guess I put it to the back of my mind and focused on getting myself a classic car I could tinker on at weekends instead, which I did. Fast-forward to now and a random conversation that Jimmy and I had about why we both hadn’t just got on and done our tests to get out there riding. We realised we both had another passion we could share together – a trip to the Bike Shed show later and we were chomping at the bit! We started looking around at bikes, got our CBT’s and now have our full tests booked in for September! I am about to pick up an old Kawasaki BN125 Eliminator to get me up and running and used to the cruiser style, with my heart set on a Custom B Sportster later down the line.

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

I had come across the event as we seem to have a few mutual friends in business, Frank and Pauly of Thy barber at the Bike Shed MC and other lady riders I know like Lucy of Bloody Mary Metal from the tattoo convention trader circuit. Although it wasn't until meeting Sahra Lewis at Warr's Harley Davidson, while dream bike window shopping, that I felt like I could come along to your event. Sahra really encouraged me to come, even though I am only just dipping my toe into the biking scene. For now, I am stupidly excited to come along, meet you all, and get tips and advice, while enjoying the awesome Beacons as a learner-rider.

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out? 

We are interested in supporting like-minded independent brands working together to do something different and empowering. We have been known for working with and around men and I want the word to get there that we want to support women and, as a woman within the brand, I feel I we need to show women in an inspiring and positive way. Super cool, strong individuals pushing boundaries and stereotypes are what we are about and I believe BRO are too!

What do you have in store for us at this years event?

A super cool little sample kit for your Helmet Head and Lid locks, which will cool you down and keep you fresh and frizz free in between bombing round the Brecons! We have an awesome raffle prize up for grabs; a full recycled inner tube wash bag, with both the helmet head spritz and hair oil plus some iron-on patches and sticker set thrown in for good measure too.  

I will have a few bits and pieces on me for you to try and grab a sticker or sample so if you see me stop me and say ‘hey’ – I will trade them for your pro tip on beginner riding!

by;  GG Photography

by; GG Photography