Babes Ride Out

Roll Call | Annie Collins Owner of Lazy Sky Airbnb in Joshua Tree, CA

Roll CallAshmore Ellis

We met Annie when she was living in Venice Beach but recently, she decided to pack it up and head out to Joshua Tree, CA and run her own AirBnB full time with husband Tony and daughter. What they have built together is nothing short of incredible. Get to know her and if you feel inclined, book one of her amazing units and catch a spectacular night show (via the galaxy) anytime of the year. 

Annie Collins: Currently riding a 1957 Harley FL (panhead), 17 years on dirt and 11 on street. 

How long have you owned Lazy Sky and what made you want to open as a VRBO? 

My husband, Tony,  and I opened in September 2015 but had to shut down to deal with zoning almost immediately-we opened back up in April 2016. I've always thought it would be awesome to have a BnB and with the ease of Airbnb we dropped the food part and went for it. We wanted to share this amazing area with a lot of people.  Allowing guests to be in nature and enjoy the stars, wildlife and disconnect for a bit all while still having a comfortable bed, warm shower, kitchen, and cool decor.

What has been the best part about owning your own business / what is it like to own your own business? It gives me the freedom to travel, and homeschool my daughter-both of which I love.  It can be tough, but the freedom it affords outweighs any cons.

What is the hardest part? Dealing with the zoning and permitting issues has been the toughest.  Secondly, would be guests who don't read any of the info we send, so get lost, and call us at all hours etc. 

What are your goals for Lazy Sky? Just to keep hosting people in the desert. We meet so many cool people and hopefully give them an experience that'll make an impression.  We don't want to expand, but we want to keep adding cool stuff to the space, like hammocks at each unit, and eventually a pool.
Tell us about the facilities and what inspired the space:We have 2 tipis, a glamping tent, and trailers, and are adding a Lotus Belle Tent in August. All have real beds and electricity. My husband and I both love decorating so we had a lot of fun sourcing antiques (lamps, tables, pendletons, Indian rugs, etc) to make the spot unique. 

How did you first hear about Babes Ride Out? I saw it on Instagram the first year when it was in Borrego, but couldn't make it due to a trip I had already planned.  Afterwards, I saw that lots of chicks I knew went and their pictures looked like it was a blast, so I made sure to go every year since.

What was your experience at the events? It's been great. I've met a ton of girls from all over. It's nice to know that anywhere I ride I probably have a friend from babes that I can go crash at their house or hook up to ride with. It's a rad community. 

Any recommendations for things to do in the area while the girls are in town for BRO 4? Enjoy the Dez, the stars are unreal so take time to lay out at night, hit up Pappy's on one end or the other, eat the best brunch you've ever had at La Copine, go to Giant Rock and the Integratron (get a res), go on some of the day rides that BRO recommends, and then come back and visit the Dez again. There's so many different rides and so much to see that it can't all be done in one trip. 

Anything we left out? Feel free to add! Come swim in our pool, and ride dirt bikes during BRO in between day rides (just bring cold Beer 😉)!