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Meet BRO UK's Saturday Night Band | Slow Coaches

EventsAshmore Ellis

Introducing our Saturday night band -  Slow Coaches 

History of slowcoaches? We're from London via Leeds. Founded by me (Heather) and Matty when we were jobless layabouts.

What's the best gig you've ever played? The Palac Kultury in Warsaw (Warsaw's tallest building)

Where is your dream place to play? A school prom night.

What’s new stuff do you guys have in the works? We have an album out in November. its called 'Nothing Gives'.

We can't wait to have you play at Babes Ride Out! We're really stoked to play and it sounds like an awesome initiative. We're a real fan of making sure our shows are inclusive and really like the idea of the event.

What do you have in store for us at this year's Babes Ride Out UK event? A lot of noise, a bit of crowd surfing and a few singalongs.

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