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Name: Dutch (Anthony “Dutch” Van Someren)


How was The Bike Shed started?

The Bike Shed started as a blog in 2011 by Dutch called Full Tilt, which then became the Bike Shed, with regular contributions from friends, Spirit of the Seventies, Untitled Motorcycles and Motorcycle Deluxe. The blog supported the underdog independent builder, and the intrepid shed builder. Over a year or so it grew into having a huge following, and realizing that we were bikers first and bloggers second (or third) we decided to transform the Bike Shed from a virtual experience into a real one, with our first independent motorcycle show in May 2013, celebrating the creative culture around new wave and cafe racer custom motorcycles. The shows mixed stunning bikes with great art, photography, food, independent retail, street food, coffee, beer and cocktails.

A second show followed in the same year and from then more shows followed, building to huge events at London’s Tobacco Dock and prime locations in the heart of Paris. In 2016 the Paris show attracted 6,500 people and the London show attracted 12,000.

In 2015 we decided to give up the day jobs and go full time with the Bike Shed. Our show visitors and website followers wanted us to have a full-time permanent space in the heart of London, so we borrowed a few quid, and set up a huge space in our original home, Shoreditch, with a club, restaurant, motorcycle showroom, art & photography gallery, event space and curated gear and apparel store. We have over 680,000 followers online with the largest independent custom motorcycle website in the world, and a home in London that welcomes over 300 visitors every week, with a thriving membership full of loyal friends and fellow bikers.

What is your position at The Bike Shed?

I am the founder, and technically I'm the CEO, but that sounds a bit corporate. I’d prefer to say I’m simply the man behind the concept working alongside friends and family to bring our vision to life.

What is the Bike Shed all about?

The Bike Shed is all about community, cooperation and a celebration of motorcycle culture, designed to bring like-minded people together and create an inclusive club vibe that constantly welcomes new people to this amazing scene.

Tell us about your connection to motorcycles.

I’ve been rinding since I was 17, passing my test in 1987. I’ve ridden every type of bike and owned more than the years I’ve been riding, but my favorite bikes are all European twins, especially KTMs. Triumphs and Ducati's. I currently own a custom Triumph T100, a custom Kawasaki W800 Flat Tracker and a custom Ducati PS1000LE, and I also ride a Harley 48.

What has been your best moto trip?:

My best Moto Trip is still going on right now. Riding with friends, creating a space in London that I travel to and from every day on a motorcycle, rides and adventures to events like Dirt Quake, The Malle Mile, Wheels & Waves, Motorbeach and our Bike Shed events.

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

Gemma is a friend, plus I’ve seen it on Facebook.

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out? 

I support the idea of celebrating women on bikes in an inclusive, empowering way, that shows women riders in a positive light, away from male dominated cliches.

What do you have in store for us at this years event?  

Lots of support from me and The Bike Shed.