Babes Ride Out

Babes Ride Out UK X SENA

SponsorsAnya Violet
Photo by Jay Cagney

Photo by Jay Cagney

We would like to share some of our new favorite Motorcycle accessories from SENA! We are excited to announce that they will be continuing their sponsorship and heading across the pond over to Babes Ride Out UK with some great raffle giveaways for you ladies!

We have been lucky enough to take the 10S communication device on a couple of trips so far including: Babes Ride Out East Coast, a 1500K trip through British Columbia and even a couple of off-road adventures. Now we will be headed over to the United Kingdom for B.R.O. UK!!! We have found that there are several situation when these bluetooth devices can come in handy and we want to share them with you!

1. When you are headed to a destination that you have never been before, you can connect your bluetooth device to your phone to get turn by turn directions. 

2. When you are riding with your friends and want to be able to chat and communicate on a  road trip. You can connect up to 8 riders with the 20S

3. When you are on a long trip and want to rock out to your favorite playlist while you ride. 

4. When you are riding and need to make a quick phone call. I personally have a no phone calls while riding policy just because it is my personal time to not be available to everyone but maybe you are trying to find a destination to meet up with your friend and just need to ask them a question. It is a great option to have!

Good luck to all the ladies who enter into the raffle! We hope you get your hands on one of these babies!!!