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Name:  Andrew Almond


Where did Bolt originate from and who founded it/ the history of Bolt?

 I started Bolt in 2013 as I felt that traditional motorcycle shops offered little appeal to contemporary two wheeled enthusiasts.   The idea was to bring together emerging motorcycle talent and brands sourced from around the world that originated from within the scene, from people who rode and made products to endure the lifestyle they led.  The shop was only ever perceived as a small part of the business, rather a social space and a platform for creative collaboration lies at the heart of Bolt with aspirations to develop the scene in to new areas.   We host many events, art exhibitions, mechanics workshops and ride outs.  

 What is your position at Bolt London?

I look after things with the help of Vivian Savage. 

What is the Bolt all about? 

My passion is to showcase new creativity through exhibitions and collaborations form unseen or lesser know artists.  I am also interested in looking to the past, archiving and exhibiting niche elements of motorcycle culture taking in all aspects of identity, fashion, music, film, art and the motorcycles themselves.   

Tell us about your life in motorcycling. How long have you been riding / favorite bike / what are you currently riding etc.:

I started riding in my teens when I lived and worked in rural Mozambique.  I was given a Honda 50cc and a Yamaha trials 75cc and countless miles of dirt track to play on.  My days would be spent going from village to village on these motorcycles and with literally hundreds of miles to electricity, running water or the nearest garage it was essential that you could keep the bike running.  Most of the time I managed to ride back to the safety of my hut, when I didn't it meant a long push through the inky black night, void of electric lights and filled with the fear of meandering snakes. 

Tell us about your best moto trip:

One of my favourite things is exploring a new place on two wheels, you get a sense of engagement that is lacking in other means of travel.   Traveling through Lombok in Indonesian was one of my favourite trips as it took us to some remote underdeveloped areas and presented some of the most exciting challenges.    Riding across partially eroded bridges, being lost half way up a mountain in the middle of the night and working our way down steep rocky hillsides were all part of the fun.

How long have you been riding / favorite bike / what are you currently riding etc.:

I have been riding for over twenty years now.  I like most things on two wheels and currently ride a tuned up lambretta and a Buell X1.  The lambretta is great for throwing around and riding through the city, its crazy fast for such a small thing and can cut through the traffic faster then most things.   The Buell is a big angry beast of a bike and is fun for tearing around town but comes alive when you escape the city.    

Tell us about the motorcycling connection to Bolt?

 Everything in Bolt originates from the motorcycle enthusiasts, from all the products sold, artwork displayed to the coffee which is roasted.  

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

I caught wind of Babes ride out from friends in LA who attended the first event, it looked amazing. 

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out? 

Its great to see new events emerging which get people on two wheels and out of their comfort zone - there is little better then a road trip with friends.  

What do you have in store for us at this years event?  


I will be donating a gift bag for the raffle