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History of the Babe Cave ? Where did the babe cave originate and who founded it?

Babe Cave London was founded 2015 on a roof top in Hackney, London. 

What is the babe cave all about?

Babe Cave London is a lifestyle brand from Hackney, London.  We are all about those 70s vibes and are inspired by music / motorcycle culture.  

We design Tees / Patches / Pins and the list keep on growing.  Babe Cave London also sources gold dust vintage from Harley Davidson tees to 70s Patches.

 What is your position there?

Babe Cave London is run solely by myself, however I do get support from friends and boyfriend.  They are always up for lending a hand modeling / screen printing tees or driving me to motorcycle festivals.  

What has been the hardest part of running your own business and what has been the best part? 

The best part of having my own brand is the freedom to create something id love to wear or love my brand to stand for.  Its about turning those lyrics I love or sights I've seen into something you can hold or own.  I love the journey between initial idea and the finished product ready for customers to go purchase.  The best thing is it has never felt like a job.

The hardest thing about the job is having the idea and not having the certain skills required to do it right away.  Its been a learning curve and will continue to be.  If I don't know how to do something I have to watch hour long YouTube tutorials until I get it.  I can be a little impatient and when Ive got the product in my hands I just want to show everyone.  Its also real hard finding amazing vintage pieces and having to part with them ha.

What is your connection with the VC & how did you meet?

I met Gemma from VC a year ago, we both were put in contact through a mutual friend and had coffee at Bolt Hackney.  We both shared the same interests; motorcycles and getting more babes out there. Whilst I'm still super new to the motorcycle world Gemma was extremely friendly and really helped me follow that Babe Cave dream. 

Tell us about the motorcycle connection and what riding means to the brand?

I done my first test nearly two years and it was really liberating and fun!!  I took my test on my birthday and it was the best present to myself.  I still have a couple tests to finish but I'm enjoying my new lil whip.  The motorcycle scene gels really well with the 70s vibes and the music which inspires most of our slogans.   

Do you ride & if so what do you ride?

I've got a Honda CG125cc it's a small bike but great for buzzing around Hackney.  London is an expensive place so had to save hard for even a little whip, so really cherish it.  

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

I heard about Babes Ride Out a couple years ago.  Two years ago I visited Joshua Tree with my friend as a part of a road trip from LA to San Fran To Joshua Tree.  After the trip I was obsessed with Joshua Tree and I must of seen some pictures on instagram on Babes Ride Out. Since then I have loved following the journey of Babes Ride Out and super stoked they are bringing the party over here!

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out? 

Babe Cave is all about supporting strong female brands that share the same ethos.  BRO have done so much for the motorcycle community and they are fucking wicked girls.