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Roll Call | Alessandra Sarmiento of Revzilla

Roll CallAnya Violet

Name: Alessandra Sarmiento

Website: work -  personal -

Where are you from / Where do you live? Philly!

What do you do and how long have you done it?

I just became the second Service Center Manager for the Customer Service department at! Before that, I was a Customer Service Team Lead for a year and a Gear Geek for a year before that. We are a tech retailer in the motorcycle industry. If you haven't heard of us, we sell everything moto-related besides the motorcycles themselves. And our content section, Common Tread, covers everything from bike reviews to how-to's. We are always looking for more talented women and men who are passionate about riding. If you're into it, we are hiring!

What’s new with you?

I got engaged in January. Dan and I are currently in the middle of moving. I’m about to start this new position and Babes Ride Out East Coast is right around the corner! Last year I also started a little website called RUN W THE HUNTED- a blog for the rider, the home lover, and the quality goods enthusiast. It’s given me the opportunity to connect with other women who are into what I’m into and that’s been fun. Motorcycles, home design, and shop talk... who woulda thought!

What do you have in the works?

This year I added a section to the blog called Around Town to highlight brands that are doing it right. To me that's brands or organizations who inspire, and for apparel, pieces that are both flattering and utilitarian.

Later this month I'll be doing a feature on Burning Hearts & Burning Rubber x Modern Vice and I just did an event with Madewell to bring ladies together and shop/talk riding and life!

What has been the hardest or best (or both) parts of your job?

The best part of working at RevZilla is being surrounded by so many people who ride. 80% of my co-workers are on two wheels, so we all wind up sharing at least one thing in common regardless of where we are from.

For example, my coworker Kate learned to ride in 2011 and has become the first woman to ride from Key West, Florida to Deadhorse, Alaska by herself since. She's also going to be published in a book called "The Women's Guide to Motorcycling." She's one of my real-life heroes and I probably would have never met her if I didn't work here.

The hardest thing is telling the women who call or write in that some of the gear they're looking for simply does not exist yet. Don't get me wrong, the moto-industry has been better to women in recent years with more options for flattering / functional moto gear. But, there's still a ways to go. That said, I think it's a challenge that just makes women stronger and more innovative in the end. Case in point: so many brands have popped up in the last year that are women-driven, for women. Now that's really exciting!

Tell us about your life in motorcycling. How long have you been riding / favorite bike /

Over the years, I've always had friends and family with bikes / scooters. What ultimately made me get a bike was simple, I missed them when I wasn't on one! At this point I've been riding for about four years. My favorite bike is probably my Sportster. I had been looking at getting a second bike, kind of frustrated by the limitations of my first one- a '74 Honda CB200. But, I was discouraged by bigger bikes due to my short / small frame. One day, my now-fiancee asked me what I thought about getting a Sportster. I started entertaining the idea, and before I knew it, it was Christmas and my present was too big to fit under the tree! That bike is part of the family now.

What are you currently riding etc.:

Currently, I have three bikes: a '74 CB 200, a '95 Sportster 883 Hugger (the one I just told you about), and a '94 Yamaha XT225 Serow. I've only done a little offroading so far and I can't wait to do more!

Tell us about your best moto trip:

My best trip so far would have to be Babes Ride Out last year. I know it sounds cheesy given the circumstance, but it was really amazing. It was my first trip with my friend Kelli, who I started riding with about two years ago, and it was cool to see her "really doin it" and to do it all together. We also met so many inspiring ladies, including a new friend and our riding partner for most of the trip, Lauryn from Milwaukee. You can read more about why it was the best trip: here!

When is your next trip?

The Fox Run and Babes Ride Out East Coast in May. I would also love to do some riding in Europe this summer when my guy meets my family there, but we'll see if we have time for that!

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

At first, Instagram. Then, my friend Heather who went to BRO2. She had just moved to LA and made so many friends at the event. A few months later, she got into an accident and that whole group of girls that she had just met rallied by her side. That's really all I needed to hear.

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out?

I'm a big believer in celebrating the things you love and sharing them with other people- particularly those who love them too. When I started riding I didn't find the same bubble of support that I see now. It's not like I didn't have any support, I had my guy and his friends that he had been riding with for years. But I was interested in meeting a group of riders like me, who were maybe just beginning and had the same questions and challenges too. I'm so happy that ladies all over the world are starting to have that now out of the gate! I think Babes Ride Out is a big player in cultivating that. So, the real question is, why not?

Equally as confidence-inspiring to me is that RevZilla understands that too. In a widely male-centric industry like motorcycling, it's awesome to see a major retailer support an inspiring cause that is important to its employees and hits so close to home. Look out for our gift cards at Babes Ride Out East Coast this May!

Xx Alessandra