Babes Ride Out

SENA X Babes Ride Out

Anya Violet

History of SENA?

Sena Technologies, Inc. is the global leader in Bluetooth Innovation for the motorsports, action sports and outdoor sports lifestyles – enabling real-time communication and optimal performance in the thick of the action.  Since the release of its first and flagship product in 2011, the SMH10 Motorcycle Communication headset, Sena has continued to create the most cutting-edge technology the industry has to offer and pushing towards our ultimate goal: enhancing the experience for riders everywhere.

Tell us about some of your products that are perfect for riding motorcycles?

All of our products are great for riders, but we truly do have such a versatile product line up that there’s something for everyone. For riders who prefer riding in larger groups and more technically advanced features, the 20S is perfect with it’s 8 connections, group intercom feature, audio multitasking and more. For those who don’t need as many connections but still want the great reliability and function from our original SMH10, the 10S is the perfect match, while the 10R is great for those who enjoy the a slimmer, more low-profile look on their helmet. Of course we also have our own line of action cameras, including the 10C - which is essentially the best of both worlds as a communication device AND audio action camera all in one. Truly this just skims the surface of our product line, so we definitely recommend any rider interested to check out our website at to find the right unit for them!

Any new products coming down the pipeline we hold know about?

Coming later this year we have our newIntelligent Noise-Control Smart Helmet

 coming out, which is a full face helmet that has built in Intelligent Noise-Control (INC) which means that the technology inside the helmet actively suppresses low frequency wind noise that can lead to Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). The helmet will also be equipped with our signature Bluetooth communication capabilities, at either the 10 or 20 series levels. Stay tuned…. 

Where did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

We heard about Babes Ride Out the same as the rest of the world, seeing the excitement and attendees grow so rapidly year over year.

What made you want to get involved with B.R.O?

As noted, seeing the buzz and excitement around an event like we did with B.R.O. is something that is very exciting to see in this industry, so we knew we wanted to be a part of it!

What kind of goodies have you contributed to the event his year?

We have provided Sena bandanas that are a great accessory while riding as well as a keychain and communication pamphlet so that all the ladies and learn more about our products if they’re interested!