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Raffle Contributor | Sweatshop Industries

PeopleAnya Violet

Name: Sweatshop Industries


Where are you based? Southern California

Tell us a little about Sweatshop Industries: What does Sweatshop Industries do and how long have you done it? we make chopper/motor cycle accessories from bags to bed rolls, we started 4 years ago How did Sweatshop Industries originally get started? it all started when I gave Frankie a Mexican blanket tool roll I made and he made me a leather strap to secure it on my bike, thats when we decided to start a company. What were the original goals? They were to make life on a bike more fun, we’ve made some goofy shit but we also make stuff you really can’t go on a trip without, our goal is to provide a well made and a well thought out product of the USA.

Do you guys have anything in the works? Lots of new “ladies” inspired riding gear

What has been the hardest or best (or both) parts of your job? Best part is seeing people rock our shit, worst is seeing people bite or shit. 

Tell us about your life in motorcycling. How long have you been riding / favorite bike / what are you currently riding, etc.: My dad was actually killed on a bike so I stayed away for awhile got into old cars and just couldn’t resist this ’37 VLD so I traded my Studebaker truck for it, that was about 7 years ago. Now I’m rebuilding my ’49 panhead. My partner rocks a ’74 shovel and is building a Denver and a digger, he’s been into the same shit as long as I have.

Tell us about your best moto trip: tough to single out one, probably rolling down highway one through Big Sur with my one and only brake that was leaking fluid every time it was used.

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out?  The more the merrier, we love to support movements and BRO is super rad, so why not???

What are you contributing Babes Ride Out? our new “papapoose" & “tuscadero” sissy bar bags