Babes Ride Out

Artist Series | Brittney a.k.a. Bombshell Deluxe

Anya Violet

Thank you Lowbrow Customs for donating this tank for the raffle and thank you Brittney for the amazing paint job!!!!!

My name is Brittney a.k.a. Bombshell Deluxe. I'm from California, but I now reside in the sunshine state of Florida. My passion for painting began when I attended WyoTech in Sacramento. I went there not knowing exactly what I wanted to do until I picked up a spraygun. You can say I was kind of a natural at it, I learned quickly and strived to get better. I've been painting for about three years now; my main inspiration comes from two different worlds, the Kustom Kulture lifestyle and the Lowrider scene. I also look up to many talented painters. I'm very humbled at how far I've come in a short time. If you put your mind, heart, and soul into your passion you have no idea where it can lead you. I've had the chance to even paint for a few celebrities and work with some awesome companies!  

I'm very excited that I was able to paint this tank for BRO. My main goal for this year was to get into painting motorcycles. I've already achieved that; I painted my first bike and I'm currently painting 2 more.  Hopefully I can paint a few for some badass chicks as well! So, since I can't be at BRO, my artwork will be there in my place. I hope who ever wins it loves their new tank! Please contact me on IG @bombshell_deluxe or for any inquiries, Thanks!