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Roll Call | Meet Emmanuelle M aka @Emmabraaap

Roll CallAnya Violet

Website / Instagram: Emmabraaap

Where do you live? Montreal, Québec

What do you do and how long have you done it? I've been involved in the field of textile and paper printmaking for about 13 years. I work on shows or movies, it depends! I also collaborate with some artists, so I've printed a few album covers and band posters. I also sew and make my own motorcycle gear.


How did you Get Involved with motorcycles? My father had few Harleys when I was young; he was involved in various organizations and often went riding with me on the back seat! My grandfather also rode a Gilera in Italy, back in the day. I knew I wanted to ride a motorcycle since I was young- I wanted that freedom!

Do you have Any projects you've been working on? We found two beautiful motorcycles a '78 Suzuki 400 Gs and a '75 CB500T, which hadn't been driven since the 90s. We stripped them down and are currently rebuilding them from the scratch. This is my first bike project my boyfriend and I are working on together (except my current bike). I'm interested in learning how mechanic works. I also have a project making blanket and straps that you can attach to your handle bars when you go for a camping ride. I did a tie-dye job to them, and also made the belts.

I also made tools roll. The obvious need for this recently came to me during a ride with 6 girls and 2 boys.  One bike had a battery problem, while another girl had to hold her mirror and signal light with one hand, while holding the throttle with the other while riding, after a very minor skid. Luckily, one of us had her leather bag with tools and metal wire, so we were able to sort out the problems. I have the original tool kit for my honda CB 74, but I had nowhere to keep it during my trip, so I made a prototype. A few people have asked me to make more, so I started putting together kits to help finance my trip this summer.

Tell us about your life in motorcycling. How long have you been riding / favorite bike / what are you currently riding, etc .:I always wanted to ride an old motorcycle. I thought they looked great! I bought a 1974 CB750 Honda in 2012. At that time, the bike was almost stock; I was forced to change the seat because it was too high for me. While trying to tackle the project, I realized that there are different styles of bikes and that I was developing a bit of a thing for brat motorcycle style and for the modified motorcycles scene! My next bike would probably be a chopper with a sissy bar. 

Tell us about your best motorcycle trip: It’s hard to pick one, there are plenty of nice routes in Quebec. I bought a 2 person hammock-tent for my boyfriend and I last year, because I enjoy both riding motorcycles and camping... Lanaudière is a beautiful place to ride and to camp. But I would have to say that one of my favorite rides was this year. We rode near the US borders. It was the first ride with the girls who go to the BRO, it was a beautiful moment of knowledge sharing and empowerment! We found one another this spring, thanks to the Litas Montreal. I bought my ticket to BRO in early March, and at that time, didn't know any other girls who were riding in Montreal, so I posted the event on Instagram, hoping that a girl from Montreal would write: '' Me too !! '' 
We are now 8 girls heading to BRO East Coast.

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out? Instagram and youtube

What did you first think about Babes Ride Out? Empowerment! A very cool event for girls who like to ride!

What makes you interested in Supporting Babes Ride Out? I want to meet plenty of adventurous women! I’m super happy to be part of this community of girls who share the same interest for motorcycles!! Can’t wait to party with y’all !

Can you tell us a little about what your road to BRO? We leave on May 26th, and will spread out the ride over two days because there are less experienced girls who have just gotten their license! Mostly, we will follow Route 30 through the Adirondacks, stop at Great Sacandaga beach campground to sleep, then along Route 30 some more.

Anything we left out?

My boyfriend and I are working on a website/ blog showcasing our motorcycle gear, photos of our bike rides, and bikes that we will build. It will be updated in a few weeks! We bought a drone recently, means more video too! I'll document our ride heading to Babes ride out, and post it on our blog.

I am also planning a trip through the States this summer with my campervan, an old 1979 dodge that we stripped last summer, she is ready to cruise down! we renovated the interior, painted parts inside, installed new shag, and rebuilt wooden armoirs!

I'll make this happen with my boyfriend, our two cats and two motorcycles! We will cross from north to south, starting from Chicago to Texas to go up to the coast and settle down in BC for a few months.

There's some classic routes that I absolutely want to ride! I also want to make it to the Babes ride out to Joshua tree! Many things to do!