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East Coast Raffle Contributor | Meet Seth Patrick Ferris from Two Moto Co

Anya Violet

Name: Seth Patrick Ferris


Where are you based? Currently, Spring Lake Heights., NJ

Tell us a little about Two Moto: What does Two Moto do and how long have you done it? How did Two Moto originally get started? What were the original goals? Hey, my name is Seth and I am TWO MOTO CO. Two Moto, a motorcycle inspired brand, began simply as a graphic design project while taking a class at Parsons in NYC. I'm a creative through and through, and needed a little spark. I took a continuing education class and one of the projects was to design a brand. I had been riding for only about 2 years and was absolutely consumed with motorcycles. Just a year earlier I completely rebuilt piece by piece, a CB450 in my little second floor apartment kitchen and was hugely effected by brands like Brat Style, Wrenchmonkees and Deus. Those brands definitely were an early inspiration for Two Moto. I came up with a million logos, a fake look book, wheat pasted posters around town and had some stickers printed up, all with nothing made to sell! I had all these creative ideas and just had to see how far I could take it... I printed a few shirts for friends and the rest really is history. To date, I still have no goals for Two Moto other then for it to continue to be a creative outlet. The brand has been consistently profitable for the past 3 years, can be found in stores as far away as Korea, and as long as I keep feeding it, survives and thrives.

Do you guys have anything in the works? I definitely have ideas for products and designs and they'll get out in some form or another in time, if even just as a prototype. Additionally, building this brand has also given me the opportunity to be apart of events that wouldn't have happened without it. I've been stoked to put together helmet art shows, bike meet ups and just make incredibly strong friendships. I'm working on more rides, events and always looking to get into more stores. It's never "work," so that makes it awesome.

What has been the hardest or best (or both) parts of your job? Death and taxes. We'll, just taxes. Two Moto is not a 1%er... Seriously, nothing to complain about, it's a fun ride.

Tell us about your life in motorcycling. How long have you been riding / favorite bike / what are you currently riding, etc.: I bought a stock "70's green and gold," 1973 Honda CB450 from a kid in Southern New Jersey over 5 years ago. I love telling this story... After taking the NJ State motorcycle course thing to get my license I decided I needed a bike. I pulled up to the dudes driveway, where he casually flags me down. The guy is a barefooted (on this old bike mind you) diy, surfer type oozing with style. He's got a killer vintage jeep loaded up with his life on a trailer, and old surfboards, snowboards & tools littering his landlord's property. I get out of my car and the dude is like, "hey man." I respond, "yo dude."–like we've known each other for years. I don't even ride the bike, I just watch him rip around barefooted with no helmet on, in his beach stone driveway, fish-tailing rocks up in the air and I'm like–yep, I'll take it. The dude delivers the bike on his way to drive across the country and leaves it in front of my house while I'm at work. I get home and realize, shit, I bought this old motorcycle and I'm totally freaking out! Equal parts scared and excited, I stare at the thing for a week before even riding it more then four feet from the curb. The day came when I left the one square mile town I was living in at the time and I haven't looked back since. I've since completely re-designed, rebuilt the motor (twice) and learned to tune the bike without even looking at a manual. Tons of hours of wrenching & riding, 100's of beers and multiple summer's of warm nights on my street in front of my apartment, wrenching on two wheels and two pistons, have made me a motorcycle fan. Forever.

I'm currently constantly chopping and riding a 2012 HD Sportster–electric start and all, as I've been down the road with 20+ kicks to start a bike way to many times. I'm very much in love with this reliable bike and look forward to it's evolution as a living, breathing, never finished project. 

Tell us about your best moto trip: Riding through the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn with a solid crew is a highlight I'll never forget and anytime a ride to "camp and cold beer" has happened, it's only reinvigorated me as to why I ride. I'm both a lone wolf type and totally dig cruising with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Just set it up and let's go... 

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out? It looks like an incredible scene! Anyone who rides is amazing, but lady riders have special place in my heart. A woman rider, ripping around with style, is amplified a million times in my book! It's about being apart of this community, the camaraderie and feeling the empowerment & freedom a bike gives you. 

Anything we left out?  Yes, i'm really doing this: I'm very single ladies, let's talk life, bikes and ride! 732-682-7083 or Text or email, just say hey and I'll take it from there, I promise. Creative, educated and cultured DIY-er with a solid advertising gig, equally passionate about surfing, wrenching, cooking, yoga and drinking beer & whiskey...

What are you contributing Babes Ride Out? I'm very excited to donate some hats, shirts and general swag to Babes Ride Out. Be safe and have a blast! I want to sincerely thank Virgina for inviting Two Moto Co. to participate, happy to support...