Babes Ride Out

805 Beer X Babes Ride Out

Anya Violet

We are proud to have 805 as our official beer sponsor for Babes Ride Out. You simply will not find a better tasting beer and a chiller groups of people. Thats it! Get to know a little about 805 Beer and the fun we have had together so far.....

In the 805 we have an underlying ethos; do not what you’re told, but what you tell yourself. Living where the mountains fall into the sea, character is deeply etched by the rugged, authentic beauty of the Central Coast. The land sets our pace, 805 beer goes down like life here. Balanced. Real.

For the first time, the light, refreshing blonde ale will be traveling to New York to give East Coast Babes a taste of the Central Coast. All that is fun and adventurous during a weekend riding motos in new places is what 805 is all about. We hope that at the end of the day when kickstands are down for the night, you’ll have a beer with us.

Currently, 805 Beer is only distributed in CA, AZ, NV and TX, letting the beer direct its next venture outside it’s Central Coast home.

Riding into Joshua Tree the girls got settled by diminished four kegs of 805 within the first few hours of Babes Ride Out 3. After everyone set up camp the line never let up as we switched to serving chilled cans in the warm desert air. 


The girls enjoyed riding motorcycles all day with new and old friends, then drinking beers, and dancing to music all night. BRO is an event like no other and we are happy to be a part of its far reached adventures.

Photos: Lindsay Lohden, Colin Nearman.