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EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS app | Now Includes Babes Ride Out East Route Maps


Babes Ride Out is supported by the girls and guys who make the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS app. It’s a social app for motorcycle riders with tracking, maps and group ride tools. Now all the Babes Ride Out East route maps and tools are available free in-app.


For safety, ESR also offers a paid feature called CRASHLIGHT®. It uses the sensors on the smartphone to detect a crash and then notifies contacts of the riders' exact location.


You can download the EatSleepRIDE app free for iOS and Android

 How to access all B.R.O East routes in the ESR app


Before you set off download the EatSleepRIDE app, and go to Explore > then Search for “Babes” in Routes.


Add all Babes Ride Out routes to My Garage by tapping on the bookmark icon. Then go to Menu > My Garage and open each route. That will cache or save the routes making them available offline. You’ll have the B.R.O. maps in the palm of your hand without the need for an Internet connection.


How to share your location with friends


Once you’ve downloaded the ESR app, you’ll be able to find other Babes Ride Out riders nearby. Simply add B.R.O. to your profile and that should do it!


You can also allow your family and friends to follow your ride. Here’s how: login to the website using ESR name and go to YourName > Share Location. Just add the email addresses of the people you want to share your ride with. A private URL will be shared allowing them to view your location as you ride.


You can also view B.R.O routes online!


The Threesome winds through great motorcycle roads across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


The Jersey Devil is a scenic ride to the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania with a jaunt through the legendary, twisty, Hawk's Nest.


Big Indian Rivers is a gorgeous ride to Roscoe and Margaretville, NY.


Peace Love Motorcycle winds through historic Woodstock Festival sights and a stop for lunch at the Brooklyn-style Phoenecia Dinner.


Mountain Mamas weaves along winding rivers for a full day of glorious riding.


For questions or fast support just email Marina Mann, co-founder of EatSleepRIDE at


Website: Instagram: @EatSleepRIDEapp Twitter: @EatSleepRIDE


Enjoy the ride!