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About EagleRider:

Every person who has thrown a leg over a motorcycle can tell you that it opened up their life to a world of amazing journeys, hidden roads, friends, and passion for life on two wheels. It was this very passion that, in 1992, drove four friends to start EagleRider Motorcycles. More than twenty years later, EagleRider has grown from four bikes in a garage to the world’s largest motorcycle travel & tourism company, offering over 3,000 perfectly maintained motorcycles in more than 70 locations worldwide, a network of dealerships offering new and certified pre-owned motorcycles, and a range of offerings from rentals and tours to service and apparel. 

Additional Services Include:

•    Airport and Hotel Pick-Up

•    One Way Rentals

•    24 Hour Rental Period

•    24 Hour Roadside Assistance

•    Secure Storage for Luggage

•    Rental Jackets, GPS, trailers

•    Large Apparel Selection 

•    Free & Secured Parking

•    Unlimited Mileage

With the rapid growth of the Café Racer culture, we’ve been attentive to the needs to this unique group of riders. Our fleet of motorcycles can also take care of all your Bonneville and Sportster rental requests. We work with motorcycle friendly hotels and can help you make the adventure as raw and unforgettable as you want it to be. From Bell Bullitt helmets, to a variety of bubble shields, to RSD jackets and apparel, we will make sure that you get on the road in style.

Last year we’ve partnered with Babes Ride Out and got many of participants in BRO3 on the bikes. This year we are excited to expand the partnership and offer many more benefits and seamless booking process. They key is to get you on the bikes that are comfortable for you and to make sure you are aware of model bike guarantee feature, which is critical to prevent bike upgrades to bigger models. Please make sure you add “Bike Model Guarantee” when you book for Joshua Tree. The easiest way is to book your bike with our rental agent, Daniel. He can be reached at P: (310)536-6777 ext.1179

About Club EagleRider:

We’ve rented hundreds of thousands of motorcycles since 1992 when it all started with four bikes in a garage. Today we have the largest rental fleet and a wide selection of products that encompass all sides of moto adventures. We listened to thousands of our customers and created an amazing new program – Club EagleRider. 

With Club EagleRider, you’ll have access to thousands of motorcycles for rent for only $39 per month. You can try any bike you want, which is key for someone like you figuring out riding preferences. Try a new bike each month, rent from dozens of locations around the US, and enjoy numerous benefits from discounts to exclusive invitations. The savings on apparel, bike rentals, and no obligation to own and service a bike make it an unbeatable deal.  Join us today and jump on your first rental bike today.


How to book for West Coast BRO4 Event:

Join Club EagleRider and redeem your rental credits for the ride ($39/month)

Best option for USA riders

Get 10% off rentals by booking through the deals page

Reserve your bike through one of our rental agents, Daniel

He can be reached at P: (310)536-6777 ext.1179

Please mention that you need to have a model choice guarantee, this is the only way to ensure you get the exact bike you want for the BRO4 ride