Babes Ride Out

Meet Tori George of Poler Stuff and Co Host to the Poler Stuff x See See Motorcycles Mini Bike Races at Babes Ride Out 2

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"How do you feel about a mini bike race sponsored by Poler Stuff and See See Motorcycles at Babes in the Dirt 2?" asked the George sisters... The rest was history. Meet Tori George, a flat trackin', nature lovin', whirlwind of a woman who is coming down with her sister Emily George from See See (interview to follow) to present the See See Motorcycles x Poler Stuff Mini Bike Races at Babes in the Dirt 2! 


"We have an extra fun event planned! A non-serious mini flat track race will be held on Saturday evening during Babes in the Dirt. We’re hoping to get girls of all abilities or who have never tried racing to come out and give it the ol “go fast (or slow), turn left” thing. Obviously this will be just a small taste of what racing is all about but ultimately we would love it if more ladies joined us in the racing circuits around the country. Cool thing about FT racing is it's just going in an oval at your own pace and learning to work around and with other riders competitively. It’s also a great way to advance your techniques and comfort levels but at your own speed and has helped both Emily and I gain a ton of experience in other types of riding not directly linked to flat track. It helps develop great moto skills that cross over into street riding, dirt biking, and rollerblading" - Tori & Emily George

Name: Tori George

I live in the great Pacific Northwest in a small little city people call Portland. I currently work for the vibey company of camp stuff, Poler.  In my past time I like long walks on the rainy beach, jumping over puddles, fly fishin’ and just about all other things the NW has to offer. Yes I bicycle, yes I read books, yes I have a cat and love animals, oh and yes I love all kinds motorcyclin’.

Tori ripping over a jump 

Tori ripping over a jump 

How did you get into riding?

Well, of course we all have dads, uncles and grandpas that ride motorcycles, fly planes and drive automobiles (which is true, I do)… but I really think that “going-fast and the need for speed” hit me when I was 11 and I saved $700 bucks up from odd jobs you can manage at age 11, and bought a 2-seater non-rollcage Manco go-kart… yep, I was that kid and I went EVERYWHERE in that thing, we even put airplane tires on it so I wouldn’t keep wearing through the dang things. Long story short, finally went from 4 wheels to 2 and bought myself a 1978 CB125s, and still have it today, although I’ve now added more bikes to the collection. 

Where is your favorite place to ride?

My favorite place to ride would vary with the machine of choosing. For dirtbiking I fancy eastern oregon, specifically the sand high desert trails of China Hat. For street, the excellent twisty turns of northeast Oregon. For flat track... Salem Indoor raceway, where the magic is in the dirt. 

Tori Flat Tracking at Dirt Quake 

Tori Flat Tracking at Dirt Quake 

Two stroke of 4 stroke? 

Both, but there is something about that grunty 4 banger.

Do you have a favorite bike? 

hmmm.... Every bike I have owned, how about that? I’ve currently been stuck on my DRZ 400 Supermoto a lot. Quick little whip, fun and fast.

Best riding adventure?

We used to do this 3 day trip out to and through eastern Oregon every year called the Gold Rush Ride . About 60 people on bikes, all back twisty roads, must carry all your own gear, no chase trucks etc. Eastern Oregon has really great roads and amazing views. We rode hard, but partied harder. It was fun, fast and pretty carefree.

Do you prefer track riding or trail riding? Why?

I’ve ridden a little bit of everything and I dig it all. Track is great for getting your    competitive side out, and trail riding is just fun to challenge yourself with. Either way, it’s hard to have a bad time on a bike.

What is it like to work for Poler x See See Motorcycles? Tell us about the brand and what your day to day is like. 

Well my day job is Poler Outdoor Stuff, a fun outdoor brand based out of Portland OR that radiates tons of campvibes and inspires adventures! My hobby job and family is See See Motorcycles, Both take a lot of passion to be involved in, and I like that. My day consists of a lot of communication, creative marketing, production, photo styling, logistics and event coordination etc….I just prioritize and go for it each day! 

How did you first hear about Babes Ride Out and what did you think?

Emily and I threw a local ladies event that same year, small but it was good fun. We caught wind of Babes Ride Out and really wanted to make it down south but saw lots of great photos come from the event. It was really great to see like minded gals getting out and enjoying motorcycles!

Tori in her element 

Tori in her element 

What does Poler x See See Motorcycles have planned in 2016 ?

Awe yes, tons but here’s just a few!  See See has teamed up with Sideburn Magazine again this year for the 3 annual Dirt Quake USA in Castle Rock WA coming up June 17-18th. If you haven’t heard about it look it up! Most fun you can pack into a 24 hour period.


Poler has a second flagship store opening up in May of this year in Laguna Beach along with fresh satellite offices and headquarters.

Both companies will be in attendance and are sponsors of Born Free this year bringing along the Poler x See See Royal Enfield we built and designed for The One Moto Show this past Feb. And of course Babes in the Dirt!  Thanks, and we can’t wait!