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Meet Raffle Contributor Ryan Hausmann of Open Road Designs

Anya Violet

Huge thank you to Ryan for making this custom hand carved points cover!!!

Name: Ryan Hausmann

Website/Instagram:    Instagram: @openroaddesign

Where do you live? Montreal, Quebec Canada baby!!!

Where are you from? Montreal, born and raised.

What do you do and how long have you done it? I'm a metal engraver and I've been doing it for.....I have no sense of time. Somewhere between 4-5 years ish? Maybe.

How did Open Road Designs originally get started? What were the original goals? Where did you acquire these skills/this vision?

I started Open Road originally to be an online store and metal engraving shop. I have since learned that I hate selling things but love metal engraving.  I still sell a few items but am really focused on just doing metal engraving and focusing on the art and craft.  

The idea for me starting my own business was based solely on the fact that I love to ride.  Not a great business plan, I know. But as long as I can afford gas in my tank I consider my business to be a success. The freedom of waking up, seeing it's a beautiful day, going fuck this and hopping on my bike makes the hard work and 99 cent cans of soup I have to eat worth it.

I am a self taught metal engraver. Spent the last of my savings on some equipment and just worked hard. I went to work during the day and stayed home at night figuring it out. A million and one failures and successes later, I think I'm doing pretty good!

Do you have anything in the works? Right now I'm focused on camping and riding. Even though I engrave all summer long the season is too short for me give up any chance to ride. I spend more time planning camping trips and on my bike then I probably should. Once it starts to get cold (and my bank account is empty) I refocus on metal engraving and upping my skills.

What has been the hardest or best (or both) parts of your job? I love the customers! They are way too much fun and I really get a thrill out of helping people with that last piece for a build that they've been working on for years or anyone who just needs that final touch.  I really dig being part of the process even if it's just for a small part.  The hard part? Being poor sucks. I once dated a chick who thought it was sooooo romantic that I was a starving artist.  Trust me folks, the romance wears off.  At 32 the counting quarters and dimes for grocery shopping can get old. I love my job, I love that I get to ride all the time but man oh man I would love a steak that''s not in the "better eat it before it rots" section of Walmart. All bitching aside TOTALLY WORTH IT TOO DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!!!! 

Tell us about your life in motorcycling. How long have you been riding / favorite bike / what are you currently riding, etc.: 

I've been riding for over 12 years give or take. I started out like most of us on the back of my dad's bike and then as soon as I could get my license I did. I'm riding a 2011 sportster at the moment. Being 5'2 it's always tough for me to find a bike that fits right. Up until this points everything I've ridden has been too big for me. I think it's made me a better rider though since you actually have to learn some good technique when you can never really touch the ground properly.  SAVE A HORSE! RIDE A SHORT GUY! We try harder.


Tell us about your best moto trip: Best moto trip was my solo ride from Toronto to Halifax a couple of summers ago. 8 days of riding, beautiful scenery and of course I got plenty lost. I ended up on this sketchy logging road surrounded by 18 wheelers kicking up dust. When I finally got out alive I was covered head to toe in white dust. I looked like a fucked up marshmallow and then of rained. The dust didn't wash off but turned more into a pancake type batter on all my gear. It was too funny for me to be pissed. Getting that shit off was interesting. Near death experiences and weird shit make for the best trips!



How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out? I checked out your promo video and website. You guys seem inclusive and supportive of each other. It doesn't seem like a fashion show for trendy bikes but more of a real community of women who care about riding and each other. 

What are you contributing to the raffle? I carved up an awesome points cover. 1/2'' thick two hole aluminium with the Babes Ride Out logo. I left it nice and rough. For those who care more about riding then cleaning their bikes.