Babes Ride Out

Roll Call | Meet Victoria Hett of Husqvarna Motorcycles

Roll CallAnya Violet

-who are you?

A girl who loves experiencing life from two wheels haha!  Victoria Hett

-where are you from?

Cherryville, British Columbia

-tell us about you!

I started riding with my brothers and parents at a young age, started racing at 11 years old, progressed until winning several Canadian off-road championships, then I became a Police officer but still rode and raced a lot. I went back to school and after 5 years decided that I would leave the RCMP and work in my new found passion: Marketing.  Before starting a new career I sold everything I owned and bought a camper and went to Mexico to race my first ISDE.  I lived in a ski town the following winter finishing my school and then started my first true marketing job which eventually led me to Husqvarna.

-how did you get into riding?

Going to races with my brothers and dad on the weekends and family camping trips.  My first ride was in the garden of our house in my yellow sundress when I was 4 years old ☺

-what is your favorite place to ride?

Vernon BC – this is where my parents created a 200 km trail network over many years and hosted races, friends and family keep the area open and still host races there in memory of my dad ☺

-two stroke of 4 stroke? why?

2 – easier to ride and feels lighter in the really difficult terrain

-favorite bike? – TE250 Husqvarna

-best riding adventure? – Racing any of the three ISDE’s I’ve done (Mexico, Germany, Argentina) also, the Babes ride out in 2015 was on a planet of it’s own, it was amazing!

-do you prefer track riding or trail riding? why?

Trail – I like being able to stop and enjoy the scenery and see new places. I also like the challenges that the terrain offers.  It is therapeutic for me to be far out in the mountains on my bike, it offers a lot of time to reflect. 

-what is it like to work for Husqvarna?

You work hard and play hard – it is a full throttle experience but very rewarding!

-How did you first hear about Babes Ride Out and what did you think?

I first heard about Babes ride out from my colleagues in the USA

-what did you think of Babes in the Dirt 1? 

I think it was a perfect way to introduce girls to riding in the dirt and put everyone’s mind at ease.  The group we had was very laid-back and relaxed and so welcoming.  The attitude of the group made the event what it was.  Whether you had been friends with the group of girls there for years, or it was you first time meeting, everyone was made to feel welcome and at home. The limited amount of guys allowed (Andy Charles & Ron) were the perfect fit for the event.  Their openness, willingness to help but ability to step back and let the girls choose what they wanted to do was great.  The sense of humor that the guys possessed I felt really made people open up to them.  

-do you ride street as well? what bike?

Yes – I don’t have one right now, but the last street bike I owned was a CBR600

-What are the differences in riding dirt vs riding street?

The experience on the street depends on the bike you are on.  When I had my CBR I felt like I was always getting a healthy dose of adrenaline and it was exciting.  When I ride dual sport bikes I feel more at peace and enjoy the sights and sounds along the way.  Riding dirt brings new challenges and allows you to get far away from everything and have some healthy competition between friends.  It also seems safer to me as well because crashes are generally less devastating in the dirt. 

anything else you want to say?

Just that I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to the Babes ride Out and the Babes in the Dirt. I want to thank you guys for such a unique experience. Your kindness enables people to experience the pure joy of motorcycles in an atmosphere that I don’t think could be found anywhere else. Thank you!!!!