Babes Ride Out

Roll Call | Meet Meg Argubright of Husqvarna Motorcycles

Roll CallAnya Violet

-who are you? 

Meg Argubright

-where are you from? 

Southern California

-tell us about you! 

I am a 27-year old off-road rider and racer. I have been riding for about 5 years and taught myself to ride by racing. In 2015, I won the AMA National Hare & Hound - Overall Woman- Championship. 

-how did you get into riding? 

I knew nothing about motorcycles until I was 22, but was involved with administration for a racing series. I decided I wanted to buy a bike and teach myself how to ride instead of watching. So I bought a bike and have been racing ever since! 

-what is your favorite place to ride? 

The desert (Lucerne or Red Mountain) or Baja. 

-two stroke of 4 stroke? why? 

4 stroke, because I love the power and sound ☺

-favorite bike? 

Husqvarna FC or FE 350

-best riding adventure? 

Riding down in Baja for the Baja Beach Bash. It’s a 3-day 4-night cruise down the Baja peninsula. You see and ride across landscapes you only dream of, and are greeted at the end of the day with fresh tacos and cold beer. It’s perfection. 

-do you prefer track riding or trail riding? why? 

Trail riding. The freedom and adventure available like it can only be experience on a motorcycle.

-what is it like to work for Husqvarna? 

Working with the design company for Husqvarna is amazing. I genuinely enjoy doing behind the scenes work for a company with the values and open-minded team of Husqvarna. 

-How did you first hear about Babes Ride Out and what did you think? 

I first heard through Husqvarna. I admire the initiative to get women riding off-road! 

-do you ride street as well? what bike? 

No, someday!

-What are the differences in riding dirt vs riding street? 

Although I am not as knowledgeable on Street, riding off-road allows for freedom to explore mother nature. There is nothing like ripping your motorcycle across the desert from mountain to mountain, or surprising yourself to overcome obstacles along the way. 

I am really looking forward to experiencing my first ‘Babes’ event.