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Babes Ride Out X Hell on Wheels

Anya VioletComment
photo by Corinne Hall

If you have never been to a Hell on Wheels event you are missing out. These dudes know how to have a good time on some bikes that are older than your Dad... well some of them. Meatball and Hayden have been putting on races for 6 years now and it is such a fun group of riders on a wide variety of bikes from vintage to modern, 50cc's-500cc's. Hell they will let pretty much anything rip around that track... even us ladies! H.O.W. has been hosting a ladies only race at each of their events. I have personally had the pleasure of chasing some friends around that track at their events and I have never laughed so hard, ate so much shit, or smelled so much two stroke exhaust in my life. Babes Ride Out is stoked to host the Ladies Only Race at their up-coming events! To kick of this year we will be racing Flat Track at Perris Speedway on March 13th!!! Lets turn left and get lapped by a bunch of fast teenagers, who's with me?!!! Then mark your calendar for April 10th for the Stadium Steeplechase at Glen Helen Raceway. This is one of the most fun tracks I have been on, you will have a kick-ass time. Stay tuned for more Hell on Wheels events this year. Give them a follow @hellonwheelsmc You can get all the details HERE. In the meantime, get a load of Hayden Roberts of Hell on Wheels.


HOW:Hayden Roberts 

BRO: Where are you from originally?

HOW: Willenhall, England 

BRO: Where do you live now?
HOW: Los Angeles

BRO: First motorcycle?

HOW: Bunch of junk honda 90s. First road legal bike was a 1969 Lambretta gp150

BRO: How did you get into riding?

HOW: Started going to speedwayraces in England when I was really young. I had a paper round when I was a 12 or so and a few of us used to chip in together and get bikes for $20 outta the junkyard. Just went on from there

BRO: Favorite Motorcycle?

HOW: Late 50s to late 60s Triumph 650s. Great bike you can adapt to do pretty much anything on. Street, Roadrace, desert, Flattrack, whatever tickles your fancy

BRO: What is Hell on Wheels?

HOW: Hell on Wheels is a vintage motorcycle repair shop in Santa ana. We put on a few races a year, they are open to any rider on any bike. It's all just for the fun of riding, very few rules, even less prize money.

BRO: How did Hell on Wheels get started?

HOW: Meatball started the shop in the early 90s, he's been wrenching on vintage British bikes ever since. The races started about 6 years ago. Just as somewhere for a few friends to go race. Took off from there.

BRO: What is your favorite thing about racing?

HOW: Knocking your mate off the track in turn 3, not coming last.

BRO: Craziest contraption you've seen rip around the track?

HOW: Shit there's been a few, usually at the hillclimb. Bixby moto bought out this 3 wheeled scooter thing that had a roof, didn't make it very far but did do a great backflip

BRO: How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

HOW: I heard about it through the girls, who come to the races or the events at the shop. I guess that was the first year, everyone came back fired up about. You could tell straight away it was gonna take off.

BRO: What did you think when you first heard about it?

HOW: There's 500 women out in the desert, how do we get in.  

BRO: What do you hope to see at the Hell on Wheels ladies race this year?

HOW: We've always done a ladies race, it used to just be girlfriends riding a borrowed bike around.  Now it's to the point that a bunch of the girls are racing thier own vintage bikes, and riding them well. So bring on more of that.

Photos by Heidi Zumbrun