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The Dahlias | Detroit, Michigan

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Meet The Dahlias


My name is Hayley Suder and I’m the founder of The Dahlias. We are based out of Metro Detroit Michigan, but we have girls throughout the entire state. I started the Dahlias because I was frustrated with the lack of female riding groups in my area. We have a couple but I didn’t feel like I could relate to any of them. I was incredibly inspired by Babes Ride Out. I remember watching the go pro video over and over again, and just thinking that we needed to have something like that here in Michigan. I didn’t know any other female riders at the time, so I convince our Co-Founder Valerie Dehnke to start riding motorcycles and thats kind of how it started!!! We knew that if we always talked about it and never actually did anything thats all it would ever be…talk. So we started up our Instagram searching for other rad women women who rode and we were blown away by the response. 


We currently have 17 members and we are growing every day. The only requirement we have to join is that you must be at least 18, have your motorcycle endorsement, and of course be a lady. We are all about empowerment, thats something that I preach about all the time. I want to empower other women. I don’t ever want someone to feel like they can’t ride with us just because they don’t ride a Harley, or because they are a new rider. 


We generally go on one big group ride at least once a month, but we will meet up occasionally during the week with one another for short little rides. Since we live in Michigan our riding season is really short, so we try and plan social events throughout the winter so we can still all stay connected. We also are planning on doing a lot more charity events this year! We just recently had a big water drive to help donate water to Flint, Mi during their water crisis and we are also helping to plan a “Ride For A Cure” with a local Harley dealership for breast cancer awareness. We are hoping it will be the biggest ride in Michigan! And of course we plan to go to Babes Ride Out this year!! We were all so excited when we heard they were starting up an east cost BRO! The plans are already in the works and we cannot wait to meet all the the amazing women that inspire us so much! 


Heres a short little video about us: