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The Maulies | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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There are so many groups of ladies who ride together across the world. We'd like to start featuring some whom are open to the public. Meet the Maulies of Pittsburgh and make sure to share a beer with them at Babes Ride Out East Coast, we think you'll like em'. 

"How The Maulies originated goes back to a coffee shop in Pittsburgh where Sybil would bother every woman that radiated bad assery. From that coffee shop, Sybil met Allie just after she finished her motorcycle course, and then Sarah after spotting her patch from the Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show. Sarah was friends with Amber who had the same goal — to start a group of lady riders on the east coast. After relocating to Pittsburgh from upstate New York, Marj came across Sybil's moto meetup before talk of a lady-riding group even started. Finally, Meghan was connected with everyone by sharing the same tattoo artist as Amber and Sarah" 

Riding was introduced in our lives in a variety of ways. From Allie's dad fixing up a mini bike for her as a kid to Sarah buying her first bike as soon as she got back from Babes Ride Out 3! Through our love of riding and the instant connections that were made — The Maulies were created. When it came to the name, we wanted something feminine, yet tough. Sybil's dog, Maulie, came up in discussion and everyone agreed that it was the perfect fit — especially the spelling adding a badass twist. 

We're going to look back at this year as being one where all of the adventure, and life-long friendships started. There couldn't have been a better time for the six of us to get together with all of the awesome moto events popping up on the east coast this year — Babes Ride Out, The Fox Run, and more! We want The Maulies to carve out a space for women riders in Pittsburgh — no more bitch seat. For all the ladies who want to get into riding, we want to help, whether it's learning the basics on how to ride a motorcycle to mechanical work. We also want to inspire ladies everywhere to connect with other women to start your own riding group. Within the six of us we found a bond that is greater than friendship — we're a family. Our hopes are to encourage and support each other while being an unstoppable force of  adventure. Here's to millions of miles. 

The Maulies (Instagram: @themaulies & Facebook:

Sybil McCue (@thejoyofirony), 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200
Amber Bergles (@pumpkin_head_),1984 Honda V45 Magna
Sarah VanTassel Pellatiro (@sarahvtp),1982 Kawasaki KZ440
Marj Kline (@lemontrucker), 2011 Honda Rebel 250
Allie Oxenblood (@oxenblood),1972 Honda CB500
Meghan Milligan (@meggymilly),1972 Honda CB500