Babes Ride Out

Zine and Gallery Contributor Monica Semergiu

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Monica Semergiu is a freelance editorial and commercial photographer based out of San Francisco, CA. Originally from Romania, Monica came to California thirteen years ago to study abroad for a year, but ended up never leaving. Her love for photography and two-wheeled vehicles have common roots: while studying photography in college she met the founders of the moped club Creatures of the Loin. She joined them, started riding at rallies all over the country, learned how to fix them, and made life-long friends in the moped community. A few years later, Monica and her moped friends “upgraded” to motorcycles, which seemed like a natural progression. Monica loves photographing people and telling their stories through images. Monica loves the outdoors, and some of her favorite activities are road trips, backpacking, climbing, hiking, gardening and cooking. She is passionate about sustainability, community building, conservation of resources, and is striving to live a simpler, healthier and more mindful life.


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