Babes Ride Out

Meet Zine and Gallery Contributor Andrea DeSouto

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We just got done approving the proof of our first ever Zine. Flipping through the pages and seeing Babes Ride Out 3 through the eyes of these 10 talented women is so inspiring and makes us nostalgic beyond belief. Each photographer has their own unique style and you can see it flow across the pages. Although photographing the same event; the subject matter varies drastically as we follow each of them on their adventures throughout the weekend.

Meet Andrea Dosouto; world traveler, photographer and owner of a newly acquired M1 motorcycle license.

Andrea DoSouto was born in Galicia, Spain. At 18 years old she moved out her small town to Barcelona, studied Photography in University and got her degree in photo journalism at 25. She discovered her passion to capture moments in time, spending countless hours in the streets photographing the hustle and bustle of city life, including her many friends skateboarding, with who she been traveling all around for over a decade. In search of other city streets and life of spontaneity, the people she mets around the world and the stories they have to share are what inspire Andrea the most. Actually residing in Los Angeles

Career highlights: RVCA Advocate, Highsnobiety, Oakley, Nike SB, Transworld, Monster Children, Huck Mag, Kingpin Best Skate Photo of the year.