Babes Ride Out

Meet Ryan Kingman | Founding Member of Stance

SponsorsAshmore EllisComment

Stance Socks is a major sponsor of this year’s Babes Ride Out. It will be their 2nd year supporting the event and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the amazing features they are providing to make this year one for the books. One of the many things we love about Stance is their love for all things uncommon. If you’ve ever been to the Stance office, you’ll see a powerhouse of creative minds reshaping the industry. Meet them man behind the creation, founding member of Stance Socks, Ryan Kingman

“Creating  a sock brand seemed like a bad idea at first, which can often times turn out to be a good thing, which I’m hoping in this case is true” says Kingman. If you take a look at you see an array of Punks and Poets  (creative ambassadors of Stance), tons of collabortations, and collections so unique they’d make your head spin. On any given day a professional baseball team may be in testing product and punishing employees on the in-house dodgeball court. Artists visit frequently and skaters are always hitting the built in bowl. Socks are not the limit anymore, as the brand is forever expanding to take on new projects. “We’re about to launch a men’s underwear program to compliment the socks…we got your feet and your buns covered! We also have some fun projects with Star Wars and the NBA. Never a dull moment around Stance…come visit and say hi!” and you should stop in and say hi, the first thing that will greet you in the lobby is 58 pan-shovel which belongs to Ryan. “I mostly ride a Dyna Lowrider. My first bike was a Dyna and I really like it so I got another. I also run around on a 58 pan-shovel that Big Scott Stopnik built, we had it built for Stance but I just took it over. Going back and forth between push button start and a suicide shift kicker can be pretty interesting. Also have this crazy chopper with a newer sporty moto in it that T-Rod built, gonna make that thing badass! Jason Webber (ATR) is gonna put some magic unicorn dust on it. I started riding motorcycles in Hawaii when I got into motocross…fast forward many years and it was the Stopnik’s (Chase, Turkey and Scotty) that got me amped to get after it. Like so many people, Jason Jessee first got me psyched on bikes…and tattoos. His Transworld interview in..19__….well, a long time ago. One of the best trips I’ve been on  would have to be “Sturgis To Fakie” this year with Adrian Lopez, Luke MacMaster and Andy Beaumarchis. It was more the journey than the destination. Epic trip with an epic crew!”.

If you were one of the first 500 registered ladies for Babes Ride Out, you will get the custom Stance x Babes Ride Out sock in your gift bag <3 Not one of the first 500? Stop by the Stance booth to see how to win a pair.