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Meet Katy Zales from Shoppe815

Roll CallAshmore EllisComment

We met Katie Zales, owner of Shoppe815 via Babes Ride Out and have been riding with her ever since.  She has created a really beautiful gift for the first 500 registered motorcyclists. Take a read and enjoy <3

Ladies, It’s that time of year again!  Some of you may know Shoppe 815 from the 2014 Babes Ride Out campfire candles we made last year.  This year we wanted to offer you something a little more personal, so we created a BRO 15 journal.  The concept of the journal is very personal to me and here is why…

In 2002 my father started documenting our adventures that we shared on motorcycles.  At that time I was still riding on the back of his bike.  He wrote about trips we took and conversations we had.  Later that year I got my own bike and he began teaching me how to ride.  He documented all of my achievements, along with my moments of wounded pride. These significant moments in my life were all observed and placed in ink for safekeeping.  That journal was the best gift I’ve ever received and I find myself reading through the stories and reliving moments that molded me as an individual, and bonded us forever.  These memories would be faded over time, but thanks to my Dad, I have them to cherish forever. Babes Ride Out is many things for many people.  First solo trip, first group trip, first time riding across country, whatever it is for you, we thought you might want to jot down your thoughts so you can enjoy them forever. With my Dad’s help, we designed this journal for all of you Babes that registered early.  We hope you all enjoy your adventure at Babes Ride Out 2015 and you have many more adventures on the road and in life.