Babes Ride Out

Meet Cindy DuLong Zine and Gallery Contributor

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Writer, photographer, and small business owner Cindy DuLong has been a part of Babes Ride Out since day one. With multiple EDR’s under her belt and probably the best style we’ve seen, she is hard to miss in the sea of ladies we now have among us on two-wheels. She has snapped some breath taking images of all 3 Babes Ride Out but this year she outdid herself and we can’t wait to show you her work Feb 20th at Howl Adventures in Long Beach, CA.
Cindy DuLong 43 IL/AZ/CA – “One of the main reasons I like motorcycles so much is the community and how awesome and generous it is. I love splitting lanes and the freedom you get from riding a motorcycle. I love going on photo missions and trying to capture people and places as I see them. I’m always reminded of the Talmudic words: We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are”