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Leslie Padoll has been with us since day 1. In 2013 at our first event ” Babes in Borrego ” Leslie shipped her Harley out to ride with us out to no mans land! This year she is coming to our 3rd event and bringing with her a truly awesome contribution!

Now introducing: STATE LINES A Women’s Motorcycle Boot

Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber and  Modern Vice are providing a discount to all Babes Ride Out Followers! Just enter “BABES15” and get 15% off your order! They will also be contributing 2 pairs of these bad boys to the Raffle on Saturday at Babes Ride Out 3 at 7pm. You can purchase your raffle tickets at the Moto FAM booth at the event!

(NOTE: the Babes Ride Out Logo boots will ONLY be available at the raffle)

Leslie, creative behind Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber, brought the concept for a line of women’s motorcycle boots to Modern Vice, where she and Sonya (private label manager at MV) teamed up to co-design a fashionable boot for today’s road warrior.

The idea of a collection of motorcycle boots started to generate after Leslie spent 30,000 miles on two wheels. She traveled the world, rode coast-to-coast in the states, and uses her bike for transportation across New York City every day. During all this time, she had not found a boot with utility that could withstand the abuse from the road and on top of that, was also stylish and trendy.

Leslie and Sonya devised a comprehensive list of things that a woman needed in a motorcycle boot and took inspiration from current trends and set out designing a boot. Simple.

Keeping in mind the biggest complaint about any boot being safe while riding a motorcycle is always the sole, MV took a traditional Vibram work sole and customized it. Right off the bat this gave the boot more utility for a motorcyclist.

Naming the boots styles after the states gives each boot an added inspiration of its namesake. The STATE LINES collection currently consists of six unique designs:

Virginia – unique with long trendy fringe, harness and the zipper pull with leather tassels.

West Virginia – a lower and more basic version of the Virginia, with just the harness detail.

Wyoming – ornately cut accents to a contrasting leather emulating a western vibe.

Indiana – a taller, sturdier reimagining of the classic Chelsea boot. Simple.

Oklahoma – a take on a rodeo roper boot. Lots of support, beautiful detail with handmade laces to match the leather selection.

New York – a clean front, with four buckles to hide a knife. This secret stash is available to order with a custom knife from Schafmayer & Company.