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Babes Ride Out 2016 and Beyond

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Exciting is an understatement for what we have been working towards the past few years. After putting time and energy into 3 years successful events, Babes Ride Out is finally at the stage where we can take the next steps to create even more adventures, but what does that mean? I think it’s time we share…

Getting to  know all the ladies through the events we put on and instagram has been incredible. So many of you travel and dedicate a ton of your time and resources to attend Babes Ride Out. We’ve been keeping tabs on where you are coming from and are now able to start bringing Babes Ride Out to you. Yesterday we announced Babes Ride East Coast, our first of many events we are working on for 2016 and beyond. We are working with east coast ladies who have their own businesses, riding groups,  artists, photographers, bands, and more to create the best riding event we can with 100% east coast vibes. Within 24 hours of launching the east coast event, we saw ladies from all over the USA making plans to attend, most have never ridden the Catskills before, and to us that is incredible and exactly what we were dreaming of when we decided to take Babes Ride Out to different places around the world…. yes.. around the world! We are currently creating more rides & campouts with incredible women from all over to bring new riding experiences and encourage more adventure!