Babes Ride Out

Artist Series Stacey Krzywinski

Ashmore EllisComment

We are so excited introduce Stacey. She is one of the 5 artist that is painting the Babes Ride Out 3 Artist Series Jacket provided by RVCA ( These amazing works of art will be raffled off on Saturday night at BRO3! The Babes Ride Out Artist Series is about featuring the talented people in our moto community and showcasing their work!

Man… I think art maybe got into me before I got into art. But I’m not sure. My pops taught me how to draw a cat when I was 4 and boom, I was sold. It wasn’t until later that art became the place where I could explore who I am… before I even know it myself. There’s no boundaries or authority in art, and that inspires the shit out of me. I will always continue to make art that fucks with my head and makes me happy as hell.

I think Babes Ride Out found me in the same kind of way art did. I used to dirt bike and that moto itch has always danced in my bones, right alongside that heaven that happens when badass people get together to create and help and foster, more badass people. Motorcycles are the eagles of metal that can move, and ladies on motorcycles are fucking gods. We really gotta empower each other you know? I am beyond honored to work with, and can’t wait to be amidst all the gals at Babes Ride Out. And I couldn’t be more stoked to make a jacket worthy of the wind rippin’ at it like a nubile bride.

Give ’em Hell.