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Artist Series | Sophie Varela

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Meet Sophie Varela, the talented artist behind the new Babes Ride Out Artists Series Tee!

My name is Sophie Varela. I am a french illustrator, art director and painter based in Paris, France. I have been working as a freelancer for ten years now. My range of fields includes fashion illustration, publishing, editorial, food and drink, luxury or music industries.
For my personal art, I have developed a style of contemporary romantic paintings. Feminine and elegant, I seek to create an original and aesthetic universe where strong beauties and nature are the heroes.

I have started to illustrate motorcycles about a year and a half ago. The first one was a gift for my best friend who is passionate about custom motorcycles and especially the legendary Triumph Bonneville. Then, I decided to keep on painting the models of my choice and do some commissioned pieces. For the record, the Honda CB is related to my first crush on motorcycling (after watching the video « “C’mon everybody” with Sid Vicious).

With my artworks, I enjoy working with the contrasts, particularly by using traditional tools such as watercolor, acrylic, pencils, or ink. Elegance and strongness are two very important things for me. For my motorcycles illustration series, I combine fine details in pen with watercolor shading and coloring for realistic drawings of the mechanical parts. I surrounds them with a bouquet of flowers. The result is a powerful beast contrasting with a delicate vegetal ornament ; a modern still life. Each bike tells a story of a ride (cold weather into the forest, springtime through the countryside..) or reflects the personality of its owner.

I consider custom motorcyles as inspiring mechanical muses, some of them are real masterpieces. They symbolize freedom, independence, creativity, something badass and rock’n’roll at the same time. How not to be seduced ?

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