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Artist Series | Jenn Hallett

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We are so excited introduce Jen Hallett. She is one of the 5 artist that is painting the Babes Ride Out 3 Artist Series Denim Jackets provided by RVCA ( These amazing works of art will be raffled off on Saturday night at BRO3! The Babes Ride Out Artist Series is about featuring the talented people in our moto community and showcasing their work!

“Hey everybody!  I’m Jen Hallett and I love to paint.  I’m currently a transplant working out of Anaheim and living in Orange, CA.  Though we moved around a lot when I was younger, I grew up mainly in Bellflower.  It always seemed like kind of a shit hole, but after learning about its deep roots in the world of customization and all the amazing builders and painters that came out of there, I can’t help but take a little pride in what I guess is my “hometown”.

I didn’t grow up with a dad that rode choppers or an artsy mom – I don’t have any really cool ancestral story that led me to do the kind of work that I do.  I’ve just always liked art.  After spending a couple years bouncing around city colleges with relatively little direction, my growing desire to know about and work on vehicles landed me a gig apprenticing at a body and paint shop.  I gravitated pretty quickly towards the paint side of things and shortly thereafter started pinstriping some of the projects.  I probably sucked, but at the time I thought I picked it up pretty quickly!  I started working with Coast Airbrush, a retail art store dedicated entirely to custom paint.  It’s pretty much Disneyland for the custom painter.  I’m still there today, 9 years later.  I also started working as the resident striper for a local company that builds basses and guitars – that’s where I met my man, who also paints.  I have been lucking enough to be involved with a bunch of art shows over the years as well as have a few of the bikes I’ve striped featured in magazines.  In recent years I’ve been really focused on my lettering.  It a time of vinyl, cookie cutter crap, I’m stoked that the art of hand painting seems to be making a comeback.  I’m also getting back to painting more art pieces – not necessarily for commissions, just stuff I think is cool.  I’m really into low threshold, moto-inspired pop art.  Garage art, but you’d still hang it in your living room.

I guess painting is really one of the only things I’ve felt legitimately good at and passionate about.  I love that it constantly challenges me and I love how extremely rewarding it can be when you finally get to the end of the project.  Or, you hate everything about it and start over.  That happens, too.

Anyway, thanks for looking! ”

@jen_hallett_art – IG (coming very soon)