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Artist Series | Jenn Bujosa

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Meet Jenn!. She is one of the 5 artist that is painting the Babes Ride Out 3 Artist Series Jacket provided by RVCA ( These amazing works of art will be raffled off on Saturday night at BRO3! The Babes Ride Out Artist Series is about featuring the talented people in our moto community and showcasing their work!

Jenn Bujosa, 21, Daytona Beach FL.

My dad is the most talented person I know, so I have him to thank for my creative genes. All my life I’ve been encouraged to pursue art, and that’s always been the plan. Only problem is, I’m my own worst critic. I guess I’d describe my style as messy and unfinished. I take inspiration from the ocean, and it’s vast array of species. (including mermaids of course) Tattoos have influenced my art as well, specifically traditional/neotradition styles. I also love anything satanic (sorry mom). I’m kinda all over the place with my art, I think it can be a good thing and sometimes a bad thing.

I’ve always been an adrenalin junkie, so my love for riding motorcycles came as no surprise to my family. I’ve always known motorcycles were awesome and I’d dreamt of owning one, but actually riding one myself never seemed like a possibility due to my size (5′ nothin) Then about 2 years ago, I was lucky enough to receive a little Honda 250 Rebel as a Christmas gift, lowered and hard tailed enough so that I could learn to ride safely. It was around that time that I was introduced to the world of custom/vintage choppers, needless to say I fell madly in love.
My love for two wheels combined with my passion for creating art, transformed my work into something completely new. I felt like I had finally found my identity as an artist. Never had I been more excited to paint! I started off sketching my friends’ bikes, and recreating photos from magazines like Showclass and Dice. Eventually, I started taking my own reference photos, and drawing bikes I could only see in my dreams. I painted my fantasies, riding sick ass bikes through deserts and galaxies. I challenge myself to be as accurate as possible, which is difficult for me because I still don’t know much about the mechanics behind these works of art. (But I’m learning!)

After I decided to paint my gas tank, new doors had opened for me once again. I received so much positive feed back and more encouragement than ever to pursue painting (parts) as a career. Now I’m working on a few different tanks and helmets, I’ve gotten offers to do custom work for friends and colleagues, I’ve even sold a drawing to be made into club tshirts!
Seeing all the different styles of bikes and the passion and creativity put into creating something completely unique, inspires the shit outta me. And not just tank and fender art, but the fabrication and ingenuity that comes with chopping something to shit.. It amazes me! It pushes me to do the most I can and go further with my art (and my bike!!) than I ever thought possible. I want to thank Babes Ride Out for the opportunity to spread my art. Getting to share my passion with bad ass babes who feel the same way I do, is a great feeling. And I’m just getting fuckin started.
Always wear your helmet!
xo Jenn
Instagram: @zennifr