Babes Ride Out

Progressive MC | Babes Ride Out 4 Video

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A little over a month ago we had the honor of producing the largest ladies only moto campout in history, Babes Ride Out 4, which brought out over 1600 women to Joshua Tree CA from around the world to ride their bikes for 3 nights / 4 days (most rode a hell of a lot more than that). We've met some amazing ladies through this event and also some incredible brands who genuinely care for the future of motorcycling. As many of you know, we don't allow vending and we expect all those who sponsor to sponsor with creative ideas that make the event a truly engaging experience catered to each and every lady who steps through the gates. Thank you to one of those brands, Progressive who set up and printed thousands of attendee photos who used their tags via instagram for souvenirs, hosted rides for those who came solo / wanted a tour guide, and allowed us to share why we moto in their interactive dark room. The stories were funny, inspiring, respectable, hopeful, and showed us just how strong this community truly is. Take a quick look at their experience at Babes Ride Out by clicking below and hope to see you all in 2017 <3 - Ashmore