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Meet Frankie aka @frankiethedevil

I had no family history with motorcycles and for me it started because my Toyota Carrolla died and I couldn’t afford another car.  I bought a 250cc Yamaha Virago without knowing how to ride it. I trailered it home from a guy in New Hampshire and a few weeks later I took a class on how to ride. That in itself is a story complete with a penniless night in northern Maine and getting my hands on a taser in a bar showing a Game of Thrones marathon. Shortly after I was riding around Portland, but I wasn’t happy on a bike I didn’t know how to fix. In fact. that Virago broke down on a beautiful sunny coastal ride in late summer. A guy on a slick black Harley rode up, cigarette hanging out of his mouth and yelled hey, you alright dude? To which I turned around from being bent over my bike trying to mess with the electrical system to hear the guy let out a yell. He said he thought I was a dude and proceeded to spend 20 minutes with me while I waited for my tow. What I learned that day was that I needed to be a better rider, mechanically equipped. I wanted to know how to fix anything that the road could throw at me. So I went to a local shop, Phoenix Cycle Shop and asked for an apprenticeship, and its been a year and a half of learning what I can about fixing bikes. My favorite experience so far was last winter the guys from the shop and I made a badass bobber out of a 85 Honda Magna. I lowered it, because I am 5 feet tall, painted everything matte black, had Emma Thieme of Maven Customs recovered the seat and we finished the bike two days before I left for Babes Ride Out east coast. I rode into NY on a bike I built myself with around 25 ladies I had never met before but somehow they all felt like family. Twenty Something bikes, owning the road, roaring down the street, commanding attention and demanding respect.  That memory is held dear in my biker heart. These women that I met became close friends and I honestly came home and looked at my husband and said “that was the best thing that ever happened to me”. I won a Biltwell helmet while getting a tattoo, sipping a Sailor Jerry cocktail in a barn partying with a couple hundred other women. That experience still fuels my day to day, driving my commitment to open a learning shop where women can come learn how to build and fix bikes, in a safe environment free from judgement and harassment. A setting where anyone can work and not feel like they have to know it all before they start a journey with motorcycles. I aspire to give other people the confidence that I see in the women who ride into Babaes Ride Out. I am currently trying to raise money to go to school at MMI in Phoenix. If anyone is interested in donating you can go HERE. Thank you!