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The Road to babes...

What you won’t want to hit the road without

By Berlynn Holdmann 

Calling all ladies making the epic trek to Babes Ride Out 4 this year. With one of the best all women’s motorcycle events right around the corner, who’s ready for another wild weekend of babes, brews, bands and breathtaking rides? Riding out from Las Vegas, we’re ready for the open road and a weekend we won’t forget. Although we love hearing the sound of our bike’s roaring down the road, this year we’re taking Sena Bluetooth headsets and action cameras along for the ride and we can’t wait! For those of you who aren't familiar with Sena, they’re a company that brings cutting-edge Bluetooth communication to the motorcycle industry. If you haven't given their products a go, you’re definitely missing out. 

Besides hearing our engines screaming down the highway, sometimes long trips call for new technology to make the ride one of ease. We’re doing so by taking advantage of Sena’s latest technology. Sena offers a lot of functionality packed into a tiny device designed to sit on the left side of your helmet, so your clutch hand can quickly and easily reach the buttons to answer calls, change music, or get GPS directions. We’ve broken down some of the best features in the Sena devices that make road trips twice as enjoyable, and run a lot smoother especially in big groups. 

We all know you’re headed out to B.R.O. 4 this year with a group of kick-ass ladies, which brings us to our first point…. communication. Sena units were created for distraction free and seamless communication from rider to rider, or rider to smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1. Sena devices have an internal intercom allowing you to openly chat with all of your riding buddies. The different units vary, but offer up to a 1.4km range so you guys don’t have to be riding side by side in order to keep your conversation going. Before you take off pair your phone to your headset and your headset to everyone you’re riding with and you’re good to go. 

No longer will you have to try to hand signal and hope that your whole group sees you take a quick freeway exit, simply let them know over the intercom that you need to take the next exit and grab some gas. On top of being able to keep an ongoing intercom conversation with 4-8 riding buddies, now you’re able to take a phone call with the touch of a button. When you’re on the road for hours it's inevitable that someone's trying to get a hold of you, with Sena you can easily take or make a phone call. On a long road trip the ability to communicate is also much safer, we’ve all seen some pretty crazy things on the road being able to make a phone call with one click definitely gives us peace of mind when needing to do so. 

Next up, Music. On long rides, sometime it's imperative to have tunes to make the trip painless. Listen to any music from your smartphone through your Sena headset all the way to Joshua Tree, or listen to FM radio, which is built into almost every Sena headset. If you want to share your playlist with one of your other babes for the ride, Sena lets you do just that. The Sena 20S allows for seamlessly conversation over the intercom while sharing music without interruption.    

Last, we have navigation. Considering the Sena allows for complete access to your smartphone you can now get turn-by-turn navigation for those parts of the road that you aren't as familiar with. Sometimes the best part about a road trip is getting lost, but when traveling navigation can be a real lifesaver. It’s inevitable that you’ll need turn-by-turn directions at some point, with the unfamiliar roads along the way. 

In addition to all of those features, the headsets pair seamlessly via Bluetooth to their Prism action camera, which I’ll be taking out to the desert with me for some killer photos and videos. Sena offers a variety of headsets for every type of rider and helmet, gear up for your next road trip with the one that’s best for you. Not to mention, Sena’s make a world of difference in everyday riding. And we promise once you use a any of the Sena communicators you won't look back! If you’re heading out to Babes Ride Out 4 keep an eye out for the ladies of Sena for more information on any of their products.     

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