Babes Ride Out


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Babes Ride Out weekend goes by in a blur. One minute we are prepping dumpster arrivals and potable water fills and the next we are picking up odds & ends left by campers and breaking down structures. The in between is an event like nothing else in the world. A place where 1200 + women gather to ride motorcycles and enjoy the desert for 48 hours. Everyone who attends has their own experience, so this year we worked with 10 different photographers who have been coming to Babes Ride Out (some since inception) and asked to see the event through their eyes. Images surfaced that we were in awe of. Between the people, the places they rode to, and the overall vision of Babes Ride Out coming to life for that brief time, we had enough to curate a zine and photo show.  As we get closer to the release of our first ever zine and gallery show, February 20th 2016 7pm-12am at HOWL, we want to introduce the women behind the lens.

Meet Lindsay Lohden, a LA based photographer featured in the first edition of the Babes Ride Out Zine and gallery exhibit.

“As long as I can remember I’ve had a deep love for all things visual, but especially photography.  I started shooting in college when my father gave me his film camera Canon FT/QL which I love, still own and continue to shoot with.  I got my BFA in Art History and Photography. After college I knew I wanted to be behind a camera, but life unpredictably pushed me into the direction of fashion and I started working as a stylist for approximately a decade. When I decided to hang up that career, I became a Photo and Style Editor for a music magazine which gave me the opportunity to combine a handful of interests, photography, fashion and music, as I handled all the imagery in the magazine, as I produced all the shoots from the cover to 8 pages of fashion.  But during that time in my career, I put my camera down for awhile.  However since then I started freelancing in the commercial photo world and simultaneously developed a huge love for the world of two wheels. In the past 5 years, I’ve been lucky enough to submerge myself in the culture, the community that surrounds it and capture people, especially women doing what they love, riding two wheels. I’m so grateful I get to be a part of such an incredible community of inspiring women and the journey and the ride I’m on has been priceless, I don’t ever want to get ride on.” – Lindsay Lohden


Special thanks to RVCA and SKULLCANDY for making this happen.