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Babes Ride Out 6 | Everything you Need to Know (Consolidated)

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It’s HERE!!!! We are so excited to consolidate ALL information for Babes Ride Out 6. Below is everything you need to know + rules and regulations of the event to ensure you are aware of the campsite’s policies. Please give this a read in its entirety (maybe a few times) as every single thing we can think of that you’d want to know is below:

Ride Safe: Please take your time and ride your own ride on the way to Babes Ride Out 6. Read through the safety section on our blog to get some tips on riding in a group, riding in the wind, practice and a lot more.

Weather and Roads: Joshua Tree had a little bit of a flood last week but the town has cleared the roads and everything is open. However, there are some patches of dirt, sand and debris here and there to watch out for. DO NOT speed on Sunfair rd. It is a very rough road with bumps and sometimes potholes! Please approach the campsite with extreme caution. The speed limit in camp is 10 mph. If you blow by camp, you'll hit deep sand 40 yards past the entrance. We see it every single year and still can't believe anyone would haul ass into the void like that. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME & SLOW DOWN! There are dips and bumps that will catch you off guard if you are speeding / not paying attention. Weather looks to be beautiful this week and next but as a responsible motorcyclist, you are 100% in charge of checking for roads closures, detours, weather, before you ride anywhere (not just to Babes <3). The most accurate source for weather in the area is Joshua Tree Accuweather Report.


No drinking and riding. We have gate staff that will not let you leave if you any indication of intoxication.

It gets VERY dark out in this area so we encourage all riders to be in by dark for your own safety. Registration closes at 10 pm. If arriving after, please consider staying the night in town. Our security will be at the gate to direct to a separate after hours section so you don't mow down people trying to sleep. You’ll have to check in the following morning.

 THERE ARE NO DIRT ROADS THAT LEAD TO BABES RIDE OUT! If your GPS takes you to a dirt road, re-route! This is another thing we see this every year so be aware of your route and take responsibility for your safety. The event is srtaight down Sunfair Rd which is right off HWY 62 (easy). Remeber that old joke "If your GPS jumps off a bridge would you?". 

No burnouts on site, helmets on at all times, no drinking & riding. Our security will be on patrol so if they catch anyone doing these things, they’ll get the boot for good. 

We want to ensure EVERYONE has fun, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation.
I am taking video, doing social media takeovers, snapping imagery for a brand or media source, what is the policy?

BRO events are private so no commercial photography, video, etc are allowed without consent. If you are there to cover the event for a brand, publication, or other media source, you’d need to obtain permission prior to event by emailing This is a strict rule to provide a non-intrusive environment for all of our attendees. Imagery for personal use & social are 100% awesome and encouraged. Snap it and post it girl!
What ticket do I need?

Every single lady must have either a MOTORCYCLIST or NON MOTORCYCLIST ticket to the event.  If you bought a moto ticket and now driving, that is ok, no need to email us to change your ticket type but you will need a car pass unless you are hopping in someone else’s car or back of bike. 
Do I get a specific camping spot assigned to me?

No spots are pre-assigned but you are guaranteed a space. No cars can drive into the motorcycle camping for safety reasons. If a car is hauling your junk and you are camping with the motos, you’ll have to “sherpa” all your stuff over. Please be courteous of the space and make friends with your neighbors. If you want to ensure that you get a camp spot next to your friends we suggest arriving together.
Please Note: Each time you enter the campsite, get in the habit of showing your wristband. Security will be checking.
What is up with food and water?

We will have food trucks on site (some take cash only, some are card friendly) a full bar with drinks, smoothies, coffees, espresso drinks, and there is a camp store that is fully stocked! Feel free to bring your own coolers with food, water, booze etc or plan if you’ve got special needs. We’ve got plenty of free water for you so keep refilling your canteen. Cell service can be spotty so credit cards are not guaranteed to work so bring cash (ATMS are in town but not on site) for merch! There are grocery stores, gas, restaurants etc 10 miles away. Google the area and see what is available BEFORE you come if you need anything specific to ensure you have a great time. 

NO GLASS IS ALLOWED ON SITE! Box wine and cans ladies! Transfer any hard alcohol into plastic bottles. 

NO SMOKING IN FESTIVAL SPACE. Sorry, its the rules. If you smoke near camp, please dispose of your butts properly.
Can I bring my boyfriend or husband?

No, this is a ladies only event. Please check out the Sierra Stake Out, Blue Ridge Stake Out, White Lighting Campout, Kernville Kampout, El Diablo Run, and the million other moto events that are out there that you can enjoy together <3
Can I bring my kids and non service pets?

The event is not kid / pet friendly. Service angels only. It’s rattlesnake season so please be aware of those as they do tend to hide in bushes and dead leaves.

 Can my friend drive in drop my stuff off and leave?

Sorry, unless they have a ticket to the event and car pass we will not let them on the property. 
Are there ID requirements or an age limit?

Must be 21+ to attend any Babes Ride Out events.
What can't I bring to the event?

Weapons, signage, easy ups, professional video equipment, merchandise to sell, flyers, stickers, handouts, fireworks, pets, kids, a bad attitude.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
NO ma'am! Just show up with you I.D, you'll be on the list. 
What is the refund policy?

No refunds. Sorry, please do not ask. 
The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

Sorry, your ticket must match your ID. If someone bought your ticket or transferred a ticket to you and did not put it in your name, you must show up together so the ticket holder can collect both tickets. If the person you bought the ticket from did not change the name on the ticket, sorry, you’ll need to get your $$ back from them as we have no record of your personal transactions etc.
Oh man, I BLEW IT and did not get a motorcyclist ticket OR a non-motorcyclist ticket. Can I show up and buy one at the gate?”

Girl, you’ve had months to grab a ticket! Sadly we will have to see you next year. Please do not show up at gates, we’ve already planned portos, food, water, etc all around the # of people that have registered. We won’t be able to accommodate ya.
To see all other FAQs for Babes Ride Out events, click HERE
That sums it up! Hope you all have a beautiful ride to Babes Ride Out 6! If you have any additional questions you can ask any one of the “STAFF BABES” when you arrive. 

Schedule of Events


12:00pm – Gates open! Welcome to Babes Ride Out 6

12:00PM-11:00PM – Merch booth open. Come say hi to the MERCH MOMS!

12:00PM-11:00PM – Drinks and snacks available for purchase

3:00PM-11:00PM – Tattoo trailer open (first come first serve)

4:00PM-10:00PM – Sponsor booths, raffle and Makers Market open

5:00PM – 805 Beer Happy Hour (until it runs out)

6:00PM - 8:00PM – Free Public welcome party

6:00PM - 8:00PM – Sailor Jerry happy hour at the main bar

6:00PM - 10:00PM – Karaoke on the main stage

7:00PM– Welcome announcements on the main stage

10:00PM- Registration closes. If you arrive after, security will direct you to wards temporary camping and you will have to register in the am when booth opens.

10:00PM - 12:00AM – Dance party

12:00AM– Quiet time


7:00-11:00 AM– Coffee and breakfast for purchase

8:00AM-10:00AM – Merch booth open

8:00AM-10:00AM – Mojave Desert Land Trust info booth will be giving out route maps

10:00AM-3:00PM – Go ride one of the many routes provided and enjoy Joshua Tree or sign up for a rock climbing class HERE

3:00PM-11:00PM – Tattoo trailer open

4:00PM-11:00PM – Drinks and snacks for purchase

4:00PM-10:00PM – Sponsor booths, raffle and Makers Market open

4:00PM-10:00PM – Merch booth opens

6:00PM – 805 Beer Happy Hour (until it runs out)

6:00PM - 8:00PM – Free Public Welcome Party

4:30PM - 7:30PM – Real Deal Bike Show

6:00PM - 10:00PM – Girl on a Moto “Camp Games” in the bowl

8:30PM -9:00PM – Announcements & Bike Show winners on the main stage

10:00PM- Registration closes. If you arrive after, security will direct you to temporary camping and you will have to register when booth opens in the am.

7:00PM-11:00PM- Astronomy Show in the Astronomy Arts Theatre

6:00PM - 12:00AM – Dance party with DJ Ry Toast and DJ La Flaca Lee

12:00AM– Quiet time


7:00-11:00 AM– Coffee and breakfast for purchase

8:00AM-10:00AM – Merch booth open

8:00AM-10:00AM – Mojave Desert Land Trust info booth with route maps open

10:00AM-3:00PM – Go ride one of the many routes provided and enjoy Joshua Tree or sign up for a rock climbing class HERE

3:00PM-11:00PM – Tattoo trailer open

4:00PM-11:00PM – Drinks and snacks for purchase

4:00PM-10:00PM – Sponsor booths, raffle, and Makers Market open

4:00PM-10:00PM – Merch booth open

6:00PM – Raffle closed

6:00PM – 805 Beer Happy Hour (until it runs out)

5:00PM - 7:00PM – Triumph Moto games in the lower lot

7:30PM -8:30PM – Announcements & raffle prizes

7:00PM-11:00PM- Astronomy Show in the Astronomy Arts Theatre

8:30PM - 11:30PM – Yachty By Nature Live on the Main Stage

10:00PM- Gates closed. No entrance past 10PM

12:00AM– Quiet Time


7:00-10:00 AM– Coffee and breakfast available for purchase

8:00AM-10:00AM – Merch booth open

10:00AM – Pack up and head out! See you at the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs for the AFTER PARTY! (Click link for super discounted room rate and 0 resort fees!)

11:00AM – Camp must be completely empty


Sponsor Activities

Triumph Motorcycles: Check out the latest models of Triumph Motorcycles and sign up for the Moto Games on Saturday evening. All weekend the ladies of Triumph will be running their “mobile” post office so bring your rolodex and send those friends who couldn’t make it a postcard (or a thank you to whoever is baby sitting your pets, kids, significant other!).

Sena: Demo the latest models of Sena Communication devices and try their obstacle course.

Atwyld: Try on some riding gear from their new collection, hit their photobooth with your friends, make a custom pin and get your name embroidered on you Atwyld X BRO collaboration jacket or any Atwyld apparel you have!

805 Beer: Grab a beer during their happy hour

Biltwell: Have a Biltwell helmet? Bring it to their booth for a FREE pin-stripping decal from Jenn Hallett’s flash page!

Free Public: Join in their welcome party for new and solo riders!

Westside Moto Academy: Stop by and connect with professional motorcycle trainers and get some pointers on ways to stay safe on the road.

Lucky Wheels Garage: Need a tool, Need to check your tire pressure? Stop by their DIY garage!

Mojave Desert Land Trust: Learn about how to protect and preserve the  desert, grab a Biltwell route map and choose your journey for the day!

Real Deal: Learn to weld, pinstripe or blacksmith in their workshop or join in the bike show on Friday night.

Sailor Jerry: Free mixed drinks during the SJ happy hr will run out of the main bar. Go easy, we hear the JTMF staff give a heavy pour!

Moto FAM: Check out all the awesome prizes available for raffle! Each ticket is $1 so go nuts! It all goes to a good cause.

Makers Market: Enjoy custom chain stitching, metal engraving, and leather stamping at the BRO6 Makers Market.

Helpful Links

Babes Ride Out 6

Mojave Desert Land Trust x Biltwell x Babes Ride Out Pin | A Commitment to Leave No Trace

DIY Tips, Locals, Artist Series, SponsorsAshmore Ellis

Our planet is precious. No matter where we go, we want to be conscious of the impact we have on the incredible natural landscapes we have the privilege of experiencing from the rider’s seat. One of our goals at Babes Ride Out 6 is to be more respectful of the ecosystems we enjoy. After all, we want future Babes to be able to ride around these desert lands for generations to come.

We have partnered with the Mojave Desert Land Trust to help reduce our footprint on the desert and everywhere we roam on two wheels or four. That is why we are excited to launch the official Mojave Desert Land Trust x Biltwell x Babes Ride Out pin. $5 from every pin sold will be donated to the Mojave Desert Land Trust to help them keep securing and protecting this beautiful place we call home. 

Babes Ride Out

Stop by the Mojave Land Trust Booth when you arrive at Babes Ride Out 6 to purchase this limited edition lapel pin and know you are truly making a difference.

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Visit the Park and Monuments Respectfully

One of the greatest joys of exploring on two wheels is capturing special moments to share with your family and friends. We want your loyal Instagram followers to see your stunning snapshots of that earth-splitting desert sunset or that adorable desert tortoise, but we also want these special landscapes and habitats to stay the way they were before we rode into town.

There are a few things to keep in mind when striking out to take pictures in fragile ecosystems. Our friends at the Mojave Desert Land Trust are experts on how artists (yes, Instagram artists count, too!) can consciously engage with the desert. Their Reading the Landscape program, guides artists through the process of creating in a way that ensures the desert will provide inspiration for generations to come.

 Going off road can create irreversible damage to the ecosystem. Here are MDLT’s tips for reducing your impact on the desert while still getting that perfect shot:

·         Stay on designated roads and trails. Avoid loose sand and soil – especially if you’re setting up a tripod! Designated areas are always a safe bet.

·         Take what you brought, including debris, chemicals, equipment, and liquids. Pack it in, pack it out!

·         Leave what you find, including rocks, vegetation, animals, bones, and historical trash.

·         Know who owns the land prior to your site visit, as well as how to access the land through legal routes and using an appropriate vehicle.

·         Identify and avoid on-site cultural resources, historic debris, and wildlife burrows. For example: A desert tortoise burrow entrance looks like the letter “D” lying on its side.

·         Respect the wildlife by giving them space. For close-up shots, make sure you have your zoom lens on hand.

·         Review the rules and regulations of the land management agency specific to your project. Obtain a commercial permit, when appropriate. If you intend to create art within Joshua Tree National Park’s boundaries, determine if your project requires a Special Use Permit. Commercial filming or photography requires a filming permit, but permits are not required for news crews or visitors photographing for personal use. All permit applications can be emailed to JOTR_Special_Use@NPS.Gov

·         Use Instagram as an educational platform for other photographers! If you see a photo on Instagram that is less-than-respectful of our desert ecosystem, politely let the user know. Our citizen Desert Defenders in Joshua Tree have used Instagram as a tool to educate visitors to great effect.

With these tips, you will be able to reduce your impact on the desert – and share its beauty with all your family, friends, and followers!

When you follow these simple rules, you are protecting all these beautiful creatures and their home :) 

Babes Ride Out 6 Merch Sneak Peek

EventsAnya Violet

Ladies! We’ve got our best collection on deck at Babes Ride Out 6! Take a scroll and make sure to stop by and see Hurricane Robin and Tropical Storm Connie aka “MERCH MOMS” at the merch booth when you arrive at the event! We’ve got ALL sizes available so hit the booth to ensure you get what you want in the size you need.

  • Tees and Tanks: $20

  • Hats & Beanies: $20

  • Sweatshirts: $60

  • Pins $10

  • Babes Ride Out x Atwyld Jackets w/ FREE name embroidery $110 + comes in canvas tote bag (wut?!)

We will also have some incredible specials that we cannot post on line (for attendees only). Be ready for some DEALS (pssst! Stance x Babes Ride Out socks & zip up hoodies!)

babes ride out
babes ride out
babes ride out
babes ride out
babes ride out
babes ride out
babes ride out
babes ride out
babes ride out

ATWYLD at Babes Ride Out 6

SponsorsAnya Violet

ATWYLD was built for the modern woman who rides. Female riders have often been overlooked when it comes to protective riding apparel. Well, we are excited to say that Atwyld will be on site at Babes Ride Out 6 and you will be the first to see their newest collection! Come by their tent to get fitted, capture a memory on their photobooth, create a custom pin to take home or relax with a complimentary sample of Range Essential after your long ride on Thursday! See you there!

babes ride out
babes ride out
Babes ride out
 Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Genevieve Davis

 Photo by Heidi Zumbrun

Photo by Heidi Zumbrun

Tips for Riders Traveling Alone by Staci Wilt via Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

DIY Tips, SponsorsAshmore Ellis

Our dear friend Staci has ridden solo for thousands of miles and has learned a ton of tips and tricks along the way. As we near Babes Ride Out 6, we wanted to share her blog post on Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys that is chocked full of tips for solo travelers but these helpful suggestions also apply to anyone hopping on two wheels in search of adventure. Read on and get all her tips and tricks by clicking HERE.

Staci WIlt. Babes Ride Out.jpg

Before You Ride, Join B.A.M for Free | Road Side Assistance

The sole purpose of the BAM program is to keep motorcyclists across the country safe and protected on the road! Whether you experience a breakdown, a flat tire, run out of gas or even a motorcycle accident. BAM is an excellent resource for FREE roadside assistance and legal advice. Motorcyclists are oftentimes the underdogs of the roads and highways they ride—but with a BAM card in your wallet you never ride alone. As a member of Russ Brown’s BAM program, you have the backing of over two million motorcyclists like yourself plus the top legal minds of the country ready to advise you should you get into a motorcycle accident.

Our BAM family offers a unique safety net in the event of a roadside emergency and has done so for over 30 years. BAM Founder, Russ Brown started this program so that no rider should ever feel alone or stranded without help. Millions of riders since have rallied to make BAM the strongest volunteer program of its kind in the world.

Close Encounters of the Adorable Kind | Mojave Desert Land Trust's List of Critters You May See During Babes Ride Out 6

Locals, SponsorsAshmore Ellis

On long rides, sometimes it’s nice to stop and smell the roses…or spot the tortoise! During your time at Babes Ride Out 6, we hope you’ll keep an eye out for the awesome desert plants and animals that make this location so special. Here are some notable flora and fauna that is active during the month of October in Joshua Tree and beyond. Just remember to give critters their space, don’t feed them, and watch out for animals crossing the road!

Mojave Yucca An iconic desert plant and close relative of the Joshua tree, these spiky shrubs can be seen all around Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, and in the southern portion of Mojave Trails.

mojave yucca Babes Ride Out.jpg

Desert Holly It may only be October, but much like your local department store, the Mojave Desert is already getting in the Christmas spirit! You can spot these prickly clusters with red berries at Amboy Crater.

DesertHolly Babes Ride Out.jpg

California Juniper These bushy trees can be found on desert slopes in Joshua Tree National Park. Keep your eyes – and nose! – open for beautiful blue berries and that refreshing juniper fragrance.

Juniper Babes Ride Out.jpg

Pinyon Pine Harvested for timber and firewood over the centuries, the sweet pinyon wood fragrance invokes the image of pueblos and adobe homes. You can find these majestic, twisting trees throughout the desert on rocky, southern-facing slopes and mesas.

pinyon-pine-babes ride out.jpg

Honey Mesquite Known for its beautiful beans that sustained travelers in the frontier days, the mesquite is the most common shrub of the desert southwest. You can find honey mesquites and their pods in Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

Mesquite Babes Ride Out.jpg

Red-Tailed Hawk True to its name, the red-tailed hawk has a broad, rounded tail with a rich, russet hue. You can see these amazing aerial acrobats circling around in the sky throughout the desert, especially in north Mojave Trails.

Red-tailed-Hawk- Babes Ride Out Joshua Tree.jpg

Bighorn Sheep Mature male bighorn sheep have curled horns that can reach up to 33 inches, while juvenile and female horns never exceed a half-curl. These majestic creatures can be seen scrambling up mountain slopes during the day, especially in the morning when they feed, at the Whitewater Preserve.

Big Horn Babes Ride Out Joshua Tree.jpg

Desert Tortoise With their domed shells and ambling gait, the California state reptile is one of the most recognizable species in the Mojave. October an active time of the year for the desert tortoise, so maybe you’ll get lucky and spot one among the shrubs. If you see a desert tortoise on the road, follow Joshua Tree National Park’s guide on when and how to move a desert tortoise.

Babes Ride Out Joshua Tree

Chuckwalla These plump, peaceful lizards are usually the size of your forearm and emerge in the morning to bask in the sun before hunting for food. Look for these regal reptiles at Amboy Crater amongst the lava rock.

Chuckwalla Babes Ride Out.jpg

Sphinx Moth The sphinx moths are among the largest flying insects in the desert and have fabulously flashy pink hind wings. You may confuse these beautiful bugs for hummingbirds when they are flapping around in the early evening throughout the desert lands.

Moth Babes Ride Out.jpg