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Suggested Route Maps for Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast

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Are you ready to ride? Babes Ride Out is a true riding event which means camp is empty during the day as you are expected to head out and explore the area on two wheels! We’ve curated riding routes from 72-129 miles that will take you through some of the most impeccable riding routes and site that the Central Coast has to offer. There are no organized group rides so if you are looking to tag along with some like minded ladies, post in our facebook event page dedicated to this event as your riding experience, gas tank size, and idea of fun will determine who you may want to link up with. Of course, these are not the only routes you can explore, feel free to google the area and see what fits you and your needs for the day. Anywhere you decide to ride will be epic!

The Central Coast is filled with some of the best motorcycle roads you can find. It was really hard to choose but we have put together 6 of our favorite routes including points of interest like Morro Rock, Ragged Point, Pozo Saloon, Hearst Castle, and Firestone Walker Brewery. But let’s be honest, its the roads in between that are what it is all about. We will have printed route maps on site courtesy of Biltwell but you’ll need and want to download the routes before hand to ensure you are 100% good to go. On Saturday morning, grab a Biltwell route map from the Ecoslo booth, enjoy some breakfast and coffee, then hit the road! Take a scroll to see which routes you want to ride this year.

DISCLAIMER: You are riding at your own risk so please make sure you view the route & mark your gas stops based on tank size, check the local weather where you are going, check for last minute road closures, and have the skill set to ride comfortably. We highly suggest to have a plan if and for some reason your motorcycle breaks down. Babes Ride Out does not have towing or road side assistance to aid you, so please sign up for the Russ Brown Bam Membership card to ensure you have a back up plan (its free).

babes ride out

THE ROCK AND THE BEARS | 72 Miles Round Trip


  • Morro Rock

  • Montana De Oro State Park

Morro Rock is such a beautiful icon of the central coast. Few know that it is actually a dormant volcano, 1 of the 9 sisters that make up a string of peaks throughout SLO county. This route not only takes you on the fun curves that head to the coast and into the town of Morro Bay but also through the Valley of the Bears (Los Osos) and in to Montana De Oro State Park. Once you leave the rock and ride through the fishing village of Morro Bay you will ride next to the estuary and wildlife preserve. Ride through the tow of los Osos and you will find yourself with some amazing view of the bay and the rock before you enter the Eucalyptus forest. The road ends at Montana De Oro state beach and the best part is you get to ride the gorgeous Pecho Valley road again on your way back in to town. The smell of the Eucalyptus is so beautiful. Take a detour on your way home and hit Turri Rd! An awesomely remote road with rolling hills and fun turns that dumps you back out on to the most direct route back to camp.



THE CASTLE | 104 Miles Round Trip


  • Hearst Castle

  • San Simeon State Beach

  • Option to add Morro Rock

Hearst Castle is a National Historic Landmark that sits above San Simeon State Beach. Built by publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst 1919-1947.  It is absolutely breathtaking and the only place like it in the world. It also just so happens to a an incredible ride to get there. Over the rolling hills with nice wide twist and turns, hwy 46 drops you off on highway 1 which will take you along the coast to your destination. Don’t want to visit the Castle? Check out San Simeon state beach or keep going up the coast to see the Elephant Seals baking in the sun. The route back takes you through Morro Bay if you want to see the Rock and then on Hwy 41 back to camp.



THE FAULT LINE | 120 Miles Round Trip


  • Parkfield – Small town known as the Earthquake Capitol of the world

  • Amazing Backroads

Backroads only! If you are looking for some great seat time on some super fun backroads then this is the route for you. Steer clear of the freeways by taking this awesome route out to the Earthquake capitol of the world. Yep the tiny little town of Parkfield sits right on top of the San Andreas Fault and has the most recorded seismic activity of anywhere on the planet. There is a cool little café and a nice lawn for you to take a break and relax! There are some beautiful roads that take you to and from and allow you to open up the throttle a bit if you feel like it.



FROM THE BREWERY TO THE BAY | 99 Miles Round trip


  • 805 Brewery

  • Morro Bay

Travel some of our favorite twisty back roads to get to the 805 brewery. Hwy 229 is pretty much a roller coaster for two wheels so enjoy the ride. Take a tour or grab some lunch while you’re there. Please do not drink and ride! After your visit, head out to the coast via the scenic HWY 46. Pretty sure this road was built with motorcycles in mind! This will take you to the Pacific Coast highway where you can head south to visit Morro Rock. The route back to camp is gorgeous as you wind down hwy 41.



RANCHERS ROUTE | 92 Miles Round Trip


  • Pozo Saloon

  • Back Roads Galore

The perfect ride if you want to get on the beaten path to some remote back roads. Make sure you gas up before you hit this one and say goodbye to cell phone service!

The Central Coast is known for its cattle ranches! Start your trip with a spirited ride to the historic Pozo Saloon. Stop in and check this place out, yes Snoop Dog played there one time and so did Willy Nelson. We are not about taking the most direct route pretty much anywhere when on a bike so go ahead and take round about way through some of our favorite back roads. Avoid the freeways and head back to camp along ranch roads and through the hills.



RAGGED POINT | 129 Miles Round Trip


  • World famous Highway 1

  • Elephant Seals

  • San Simeon State Beach

  • Option to add Morro Rock (adds 10 miles)

One of the  most beautiful coastlines you will ever see! Nothing but fun winding roads and rolling hills take you to the coast. Head north and ride by Hearst Castle and basking elephant seals on the beach. Enjoy every mile of the western most freeway in America.  Stop at the lookout point at Ragged point before you head back down. Instead of taking the same route home hit hwy 41 for a thrilling ride through the beautiful canyon before heading back to camp.



Hochstadter's Slow & Low Rock & Rye is Coming to Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast

SponsorsAshmore Ellis

Babes Ride Out 7 is bringing together a new location with some familiar faces. We are excited to have Slow & Low rejoin us onsite for this year's Central Coast event in October!

Babes Ride Out

If you weren't with us in Narrowsburg for EC3, Slow & Low is an 84 proof, extra-dry, Rock & Rye - a rye whiskey-based bottled (Old Fashioned) cocktail. Their version is the perfect balance of aged straight rye whiskey, air-dried navel oranges from Florida, 100 percent raw honey from Western Pennsylvania, Angostura Bitters and a small dose of rock candy. Perfect for enjoying straight, as a cocktail or paired as a shot with an 805 beer.

Babes Ride Out

The Slow & Low crew will be pouring their liquid sunshine all weekend long at base camp and will be hosting a very special Rock & Rye whiskey tasting via a 1900’s steam locomotive on Friday evening! First come, first serve - so be sure to sign-up once you arrive! ! 

Babes Ride Out

Babes interested in learning more about Slow & Low can connect with the brand on their Instagram and Facebook channels. Stay tuned for more info and see you at Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast!

How Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Made Courtney a More Confident Rider

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Courtney has been riding for 3 years and got her start by testing the waters on her own but soon found out the at the Harley-Davidson riding clinic was a great asset to help her develop much needed technique and help her build confidence. After that first class, she felt much more comfortable on her motorcycle and plans on continuing honing in her skills with additional classes. One of the many things we love about Courtney is open to answer any questions on how to get started and connect with new riders looking for advice. Hit her up on her instagram @cocoramaaa and she’d be more than happy to connect and share her experience. Before you do, get to know her, what she’s currently building, and why she decided on a 2018 HD Street Bob as her moto of choice!

Courtney in front of the Kill Bill Church | Shot by Laura Goldenberger

Courtney in front of the Kill Bill Church | Shot by Laura Goldenberger

What you do for a living?

Co-own a full service salon

How long have you been riding motorcycles and how did you get started?

I’ve been riding for 3 years.

Why do you ride motorcycles / What do you get out of riding motorcycles?

I was tired of only getting on the bike if my dude wanted to ride. I wanted to be in control of where I was riding & wanted to feel the freedom of two wheels riding solo. Being a part of the motorcycle community is like no other & being a Lita is even more empowering by being surrounded by strong, beautiful babes!

Run us through the list of bikes you have had in your past / currently own:

I started off on a 2016 HD Sportster 1200. I upgraded to a 2018 HD Street Bob because I was tired of stopping for gas on long rides haha I just recently purchased a 1966 Triumph and currently, building an HD Breakout chopper.

What first attracted you to Harley-Davidson?

I’ve been around Harley’s all my life. I can remember the smell of the first shop we had in Lancaster and being obsessed with all the leather and fringe!

How did you know it was the bike for you?

The Bob is fantastic. I wasn’t sure about a soft tail, but the sales person assured me it wasn’t like an old soft tail and I could enjoy a long ride on it... and I do!

Tell us what it is like to ride your particular bike:

I definitely couldn’t maneuver the bob like the sporty while parking. I ended up putting an air ride on it and absolutely love it. I added a fairing and little blue tooth speakers inside and now I’m off and riding in the wind! I put an air ride on the breakout as well. It’s still getting some work done on it, but I can’t wait to rip around town on the chopper.

What made you choose your model over the other H-D models?

It’s not as small as the Sportster, but still slim and badass! It’s definitely the bike I will keep forever even if I upgrade. I love my bob.

Any modifications? Tell us about them if so:

Air ride, fairing, exhaust, speakers, foot boards and brass accessories.

What has been you favorite adventure you have taken on your bike?

Babes Ride Out 6 by far! I cannot wait until this year!

Do you have any fun road trips planned?

A group of us are going to Babes in October!

Tell us about your experience at Babes Ride Out?

EPIC! I swear I was on a high the whole week after we got back... ask my co-workers (haha)! I was all smiles and couldn’t stop posting all the fun times my friend and I had!

Any advice for ladies who want to get started on two wheels?

My first answer is: go to your local Harley-Davidson and sign up for the class. I was riding 6 months before I took the class and I cannot stress enough how confident the course made me. The afternoon that I finished the class I drove home and got straight on my bike! It’s amazing and I can’t wait to take the intermediate course that HD offers.

Click HERE to find a class near you!

Babes Ride Out

Babes Ride Out is Partnering with the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo

Event Info, Locals, SponsorsAshmore Ellis

ECOSLO is excited to take part in another powerful movement on the Central Coast and beyond! The Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo, known as ECOSLO, is a half-century old non-profit with a mission to educate, advocate, and act to protect and enhance the natural environment and human well-being of San Luis Obispo County. As the only Environmental Center in the County -- and the first, their small but mighty staff work all hours educating the public on local environmental issues, removing trash from our beautiful beaches, and motivating community members to think eco-consciously. Come October, ECOSLO will have hosted over 60 clean ups in 2019, extracting over 4,000 pounds of trash from entering our waterways, and protecting marine and terrestrial ecosystems. There’s no doubt that even the smallest changes in our habits as a human species can drastically change that number. 

Babes Ride Out 7 x ECOSLO

Along with our cleanups throughout SLO County, ECOSLO has an array of programs. Volunteer with us at one of the many SLO County Parks to take part in a Nature Project such as tree planting or picnic bench building. Or take a leisurely, educational hike with one of our volunteer docents throughout the City of SLO Open Space and learn about the local history, flora and fauna. ECOSLO is also one of the spear-headers when it comes to taking action in local advocacy initiatives as it concerns to land conservation, waste reduction and renewable energy.

Babes Ride Out 7 x ECOSLO

We’re proud to be representing and protecting San Luis Obispo County. It’s our home, and we hope you will treat it as your home when you are here as well. 

Babes Ride Out 7 x ECOSLO

There are many ways to be eco-conscious when venturing outdoors - even on motorcycle (stay tuned for our next blog update!), and that’s why ECOSLO was so excited to hear about Babes Ride Out exploring Santa Margarita and all that the Central Coast has to offer! There was an instant connection between the two organizations riding on the fact that they’re both led by fearless women - we knew it would be a great match. 

Chat with the ECOSLO Team at our booth on Friday and Saturday and learn about the magic of SLO County and the Central Coast, and purchase your very own Bamboo Utensil Kit to carry along for the ride! 

Babes Ride Out 7 x ECOSLO

Passionate about Motorcycle Gear? Meet Cait from the California Moto Market

PeopleAnya Violet

After getting her first motorcycle, Cait found it really hard to find womens riding gear available for her to try on. She knew that there were some great companies out there but could not find it in stores anywhere. This inspired her to create the California Moto Market! What started as a local womens motorcycle gear shopping event has been growing into a multi destination roadshow that has making its way across the USA. She has pop-ups planned in Denver, Chicago and Seattle and much much more in 2019. Read on to learn more!

Alyssa Bridges @alyssab123

Alyssa Bridges @alyssab123

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, spending every winter on snowmobiles (which is practically required there) and vaguely remember my mother telling me never to get on the back of a motorcycle! I have been a hairdresser for nearly 10 years now, and will probably always keep that up. I almost don’t remember what it was like before motorcycles came into my life, and I think I’m really ok with that!

My first bike was a 1980 Honda Hobbit Moped. I might have bought it just for the name.. But the second I took off on that thing, the whole world shifted. About a year later, I sold it for gas money to get to California and once I was out here, I picked up a mint 1976 Kawasaki KH100. I found a helmet off Craigslist, a leather jacket at the thrift store, and set off learning how to shift in my neighborhood. I learned how to clean and tune a carb, rewire turn signals, and clean rust out of a tank. I even hauled that thing out to Babes Ride Out 4 ! It didn’t like being away from sea-level and mostly didn’t run.. But that definitely lit a fire in me. A month later I borrowed my friend Jayme’s Yamaha SR400 and after a quick 2 months and 2k miles.. I sold my car and bought my first Moto Guzzi V7. Might as well go all-in, right?

Amanda Bashir @musiqaddict26

Amanda Bashir @musiqaddict26

Somewhere along the way I started looking for riding gear, figuring that with the large amount of daily-riders in SoCal, it should be relatively easy to find some decent options. Oh boy, was I wrong. Here I was in motorcycle Mecca, and my only options are overly branded Harley jackets or sportbike-style track leathers, or even worse: riding gear designed by men who have only been described what a woman looks like, but has never seen one in person.

Now, there were definitely companies making awesome women’s riding gear back then.. but was it available in local retailers? Hell no. Were they interested in stocking it for us? Also hell no.

 This was the inspiration behind starting California Moto Market.. Bring together all the companies making women’s motorcycle gear in one place, so women can try things on in person and leave with the gear they love. [It’s not a new concept.. Stores have literally existed for centuries.] The side effects we’ve seen in the 3 years we’ve been running this market have been numerous.. riding groups started, brands created and launched, connections and collaborations everywhere.. we didn’t start the fire- but we sure as hell fanned the flames.

Our goal has been the same from the beginning: Get the gear to the ladies. One thing has shifted though, and that was how far we are willing to travel to make our point. Last year was the first time that the Moto Market has ventured outside of California, and it was interesting to see the reactions. Here we are bringing Stellar Moto Brand and Tobacco Motorwear to states that aren’t even used to wearing helmets… It’s been incredible seeing these women finally find something that fits them well, looks great, and offers all the protection they need while riding.

 And this year.. Well we’ve set our sights even further! We’ve checked San Rafael, Austin and Orange County off our list, with Denver, Chicago, Seattle and Las Vegas ahead of us! We’re so excited to work with local makers and share our favorite SoCal brands. The best way to find out where we’re going and who’s coming with is to follow us on Instagram: @californiamotomarket or check out our website


2019 Pop-Up Schedule

 Sunday July 28th, 11am-6pm

Triumph of Seattle

7409 Aurora Ave, Seattle, WA

More dates to follow, click HERE to stay updated


M1GP Rider Clinics at Babes Ride Out 7

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We are so thrilled to announce that M1GP will be joining us this year at Babes Ride Out 7! Join in their classes to learn motorcycle handling skills. Whether you have never been on a bike before or have been riding for years but are working to improve technique and skill; M1GP will make sure you walk away a more confident rider. Learning on a smaller bike can help with understanding body positioning and technique that translates to a full size bike. Guaranteed fun!!! Read on to learn more and click the link below to register for their majorly discounted classes.

M1GP Rider Clinics

Discover what you’ve been missing!

M1GP has created a program that has earned the trust of hundreds of riders, brand-new and experienced, with an honest and straightforward approach to motorcycle instruction on Mini Motorcycles.  With over 10-years of training our vision has been simple: help people to learn and build a solid foundation in a low-stress environment, with proven techniques.

Join M1GP Rider Clinics at Babes Ride out to build your foundation with drills that focus on refining your level of control with bike and body mechanics and how they optimally work together to increase your performance and confidence. Don’t underestimate what you can lean on a Mini Moto. Did we mention how much fun it is?! Come on out and ride!  

photos by Kevin Hipp