Babes Ride Out

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to attend an event, where can I join in on the fun?

Hell yeah! We can't wait to meet you. Please click on our EVENTS tab above to see all current event listings. We also have an email sign up on our CONTACT page This will help you stay in the "know"

Can my boyfriend/husband come?

Sorry, he will have to stay home and watch the kids/dogs on this one :) No guys will be allowed past the gates unless they are our hired staff. We do encourage riding groups to designate a lady to drive as a chase truck as it's safer and makes it easier on your group to haul things you can't fit on your bike. Still bummed your dude can't come? That is ok, BRO might not be for you and we 100% understand. There are thousands of events that you can go to together. Take a look under to see what events are in your local area and we will see ya there! 

Are tickets refundable or transferable? 

We are sorry but we are unable to refund tickets. Whether you make it or not, the show must go on. You can however transfer your ticket to another guest but you are solely responsible for doing so. Log in to your eventbrite and click on your tickets. You will see options to edit your ticket information. You must type in the person's first name, last name, and  email address and click to save and send new confirmation. If your buddy doesn't get the confirmation, they won't be on the list so please follow up and ensure they got the transfer.  No tickets can be transferred after ticket sales have ended. 

I bought a moto ticket and now I am driving / I bought a non moto ticket and now I am riding. What do I do?!

No problem! If you bought a motorcyclist ticket and are no longer riding to a Babes Ride Out event you do not need to change your ticket type to non motorcyclist. Same goes for if you bought a non motorcyclist ticket and now riding. HOWEVER: if you are no longer riding and now driving a car, you will need to purchase a car pass for your vehicle. If you are passenger in a vehicle you do not need an additional a car pass, only the driver. Each person (motorcyclist, non motorcyclist, vehicle driver, backseat mamas, passengers of any kind) must have a ticket to the event. No tickets to the event will be sold at the door. Car passes, and only car passes, can be bought at the door only if you have a ticket to the event already. This is for those whose plans got fried and need to drive last minute. It happens :) 

I am a brand and want to get involved / cover an event(s), whom do I speak with?

We'd love to speak with you too! Our events are private so please contact us by emailing prior to sending anyone out on your brands behalf. We do have some rules and regs in place to protect the privacy of our attendees and our current sponsorship agreements that are already in place in regards to photos, social media, video, content etc. We are always excited to work with new brands so please reach out :) 

I ride a turbo rocket nuclear motorcycle with no suspension, can I attend an event?

YES! We'd love to see it! All street legal motorcycle are welcome to Babes Ride Out events. The only event that allows dirt bikes is Babes in the Dirt. 

Are your events all ages? Pet friendly?

All of our events are 21 and up! We love kids but please do not bring them. There are a lot of bikes in an out and we can't have small hands touching hot engines or wandering into the path of bikes in motion. In addition, since ladies are allowed to bring in their own libations, we cannot have anyone on the grounds under 21 as we are regulated by the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department and they have a 0 tolerance policy.  NO PETS. We sadly had someone bit a previous year. If your dog is a therapy dog and is registered please contact info@babesrideout so we can file the paperwork for your pup. 

I'd love to shoot your event(s) for a photo show, print, my portfolio / blog! Who can I contact? 

Babes Ride Out is a private event. No one is allowed to shoot B.R.O events with the intent to sell images without our consent or take images for commercial use. Please contact us by emailing with any press / web / brand / portfolio photo inquiries. Images for personal/non commercial use are 100% OK and encouraged :) for social media, blog, etc. If you are coming on behalf of a brand or are a brand, please scroll up and read how brands can get involved. 

I have a RV / toy Hauler / hotel on wheels and need electrical and water hook ups! What's the deal??

The only event that can handle a RV is Babes Ride Out 5 (Joshua Tree, CA). We will be taking RV reservations for this event late June. You'll have to pay an additional fee for the hookups per day (TBD). ONLY RVS and TOYHAULERS can reserve RV spots with hookups (no tents in this area because it damages the water lines).Since the property we rent is private, there is a list of rules you'll need to read and sign before you reserve your spot. Please remember no men are allowed past gates so you will need to know how to set up your RV on your own. You've got a ton of time to learn <3.  If you'd like to get on the list to receive more information on how to book a RV spot for Babes Ride Out 5, please email with the title RV BRO5, and we will reach out to you with all information on how to reserve in June. 

I don't ride, can I still attend? 

Yes of course BUT please know that Babes Ride Out is a riding event and all activities during the day are geared around getting out and riding your moto. There will be no entertainment on site while ladies are out riding. We do encourage all ladies to ride their own motorcycles to our events. If you do not have your license, please look into taking a class to get certified. We do understand that new riders may not be comfortable riding to the event or your bike may not make the distance. In that case, we will have a limited number of non motorcyclist tickets and car passes for sale at each event. 

How do I become a vendor?

Sorry, all Babes Ride Out events are non vending. Our goal is to focus on riding motos and each brand involved gives an experience to the attendees. Ask us how to get involved by emailing There are options for everyone :)