Babes Ride Out

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Babes Ride Out 5

I ride a nuclear rocket ship, is my bike welcome?

Heck yes it is and we can't wait to see it. All street  legal bikes are welcome to Babes Ride Out West and East. If you are looking for a dirt bike event, we also host Babes in the Dirt. All events and dates can be found under our events tab. Don't see an event? It means it has passed and we will update 2018 event dates in Jan. 

Is my registration/ticket refundable or transferrable?

Sorry! We are not able to refund any tickets, we have to pay for you to attend whether you do or don’t. You, the buyer, can transfer the ticket up until Oct 13th. Babes Ride Out is not responsible for transferring your ticket. The name on the ticket must match the new registrant so please check with them to ensure they received the ticket after you transfer it. Can’t figure out how to transfer? Click HERE, we promise it’s very easy to do.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

You must be 21+ to attend (sorry, permits) and no pets! If you have a service dog, please contact us at

I see ticket prices went up a few bucks this year, what gives?

Correct! Every year we learn something new and this past year we realized we needed many things to ensure everyone is properly taken care of. Here are just a few: This year we added a professional security team to ensure everyone has the best possible time while staying safe on site. This 24 hour security is ran through the entire event and there to protect you, the property, but won’t be a bummer (we promise). The site rental fee went up exponentially since we have to rent the entire 40 acre space for a full week to set up, have the event, break down, and then clean up the event (yikes!). We added Dorothy to rock ya faces off this year which is amazing (yew!), we are bringing in a recycling team to help organize and sort trash to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, permits costs go up as we grow, EVERYONE gets a free patch that attends, and we have to add more everything (toilet paper, cleanings, staff, lighting, etc). We want to remain transparent with all of our guests on this year’s raised cost of $5 per ticket to the event. As you can see, you definitely will get your $’s worth and we pride ourselves on producing this event as cost effectively as we can. If you have any questions or concerns on how your ticket funds are used, we are more than happy to answer them for you. Email us .

What is up with food & water at BRO 5

We will have multiple food options, espresso/coffee drinks, and a full bar on site for purchase via food trucks and other food and beverage vendors. We have FREE all you can drink water and hydration stations as well. 

OMG! I totally saw a dude(s) at Babes Ride Out last year! What gives?

The"dudes" you may see in the"festival" zone are there working the generators, making sure the bar has ice, keeping the lights and music on, helping sort trash to recycle etc. They own and work the property and will be in proper uniform as well and trust us, they will 100% stay out of your way. Be kind to those who are working to make sure you are having a good time, they deserve it :) . The San Bernardino Sheriff's deputies have been know to stop by to ensure the roads are clear for emergency vehicles. ensure we have enough fire extinquishers, up to code. These are NOT strippers, we repeat, these men are NOT strippers. 

Can I take photos, video, do social media takeovers for a magazine, brand, blog etc? 

That is AWESOME and we’d love to hear more! Babes Ride Out is a private event and we do the best we can not to distract our guests so they can have the best time possible. If you want to shoot the event in any way for a media source, a brand, or other non-personal use, please email for permission as no commercial photography or video of any kind is allowed unless approved by BRO. Images for your own use are 100% awesome and appreciated! No need to ask if it’s for yourself and/or personal social media, we only ask that you be respectful to the other attendees :) 

What are my transport/parking options at the event?

Motorcycles will be in one section and cars, trucks, trailers, & RVs in another. No vehicles will be allowed to enter motorcycle parking for safety reasons but you can easily walk over camping gear if you are hauling it for a friend. Camping and parking for all vehicles will be first come first serve. There will be dedicated staff to lead you into the area once you arrive and show you were to set up. 

What ticket type do I buy? Looks kinda confusing!

NO problem! We can break this down easily for you :) 

Motorcyclist Ticket - This IS a ticket to the event. This ticket is for those who plan on riding their own moto to the event. Hell yeah! If something changes and you are no longer riding, it is ok! No need to change your ticket type unless you want to via the "transfer steps" hyperlinked in one of the questions above,  but you will need to buy a parking pass if you are bringing in a car/truck. Please pre buy this parking pass before the event as limited parking passes will be sold at door. 

Non Motorcyclist Ticket- This IS a ticket to the event. This ticket is for those who are not operating a moto and will be a passenger on a moto, in a car, truck, or in a RV. Are you now riding? AWESOME! No need to change your ticket type unless you want to via the "transfer steps" hyperlinked in one of the questions above 

Car / Truck Parking Fee - This is NOT a ticket to the event. Each car or truck must purchase this parking pass for their 4 wheel vehicle to park on the property during the event. Make sure that you and all of your passengers have either a Motorcyclist Ticket or Non Motorcyclist Ticket to the event as these are not sold at the door. 

Truck & Trailer Parking Fee - This is NOT a ticket to the event. Each truck or car that will be towing a trailer needs to purchase this parking pass for vehicle and trailer to park on the property during the event. Make sure that you and all of your passengers have either a Motorcyclist Ticket or Non Motorcyclist Ticket to the event as these are not sold at the door. 

RV and Toy Hauler Parking Fee (electrical & water hookups included) - This is NOT a ticket to the event. Each RV or Toy hauler needs to purchase this pass to bring their RV and Toy Hauler on site. We can accommodate up to 40 ft per RV/Toy Hauler. If you need room, please email  Electrical and water hooks ups will be available to you. If you do not need the hook ups, the price does not change. Make sure that you and all of your passengers have either a Motorcyclist Ticket or Non Motorcyclist Ticket to the event as these are not sold at the door. 

Please email if you have any questions. We do encourage you to ride your own moto to the event to save in costs but understand that is not always an option. 

What can/can't I bring to the event?

Bring everything you need to be comfortable camping under the stars! We will have a suggested packing list posting soon. Feel free to bring your own food for cooking, alcohol, whatever you like! 

Please do not bring people who did not buy a ticket, boyfriends, husbands, animals, kids, weapons of any kind (firearms, hatchets, bow and arrows, slingshots, BB guns,or anything that can be used as a weapon), no signs/banners, no eazy ups (sorry! it obstructs the natural beauty of the camp and it is far too windy), no fireworks, no items to vend or handouts like stickers, buttons, flyers as we end up spending hours picking up these items off the desert floor. Leave no trace :) Our security will be on patrol so please be kind when they ask you to put these items away or ask you and your uninvited "friend" to leave. Sadly these rules are in place for a reason but will be enforced to ensure EVERYONE has a great time! 

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? 

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

We will have you on our guest list so no need to waste paper. However, if you feel better about printing it, you can :) We will recycle it on site. 

What is the refund policy?

Sorry to keep preaching on this one but 100% NO REFUNDS as this is a self-funded event.

The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

Sorry, the name on the ticket MUST match the person attending. You can buy a ticket for a friend but make sure the ticket is in their name and use their email (not yours) when doing so. HOWEVER, if you bought a ticket for a friend under your name and not theirs, they can still get in, but you’d need to arrive together. No nicknames on tickets, we have 0 idea who “Speedy Susanna” is but she does sound cool.

What does my ticket price include?

  • 4 days and 3 nights of tent camping (Bring your own setup)
  • FREE VANS GIFT BAGS to the first 500 registered motorcyclists
  • 1 Event patch
  • Biltwell route maps that will take you on some of the most beautiful roads you have ever seen
  • Free 805 Beer until it runs out 
  • Free Sailor Jerry with mix drinks until it runs out 
  • FREE drinkable water all weekend thanks to our “Hydration Stations”
  • Karaoke Party on Thurs hosted by Hot Rides SF 
  • Biltwell Brodeo Fri night, mechanical bull riding contest
  • Incredible bands on Saturday night
  • LIVE performance by Dorothy
  • DJ dance party Friday night
  • 1 Raffle ticket to some insane prizes with the chance to purchase as many tickets as you want
  • Moto games with prizes
  • Tons of giveaways from our sponsors 
  • Bathrooms and toilet paper galore 
  • Tons of shaded area
  • Carpeted hang out  zones with outdoor furniture
  • Showers and “Cool Down” stations
  • Access to multiple food trucks with food for purchase (please check blogs closer to event to see menus)
  • THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE and so much more!